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on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Twitter

Introduction An online social networking service and micro blogging service Created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey
and launched in July One of the ten most visited websites on the Internet

"The SMS of the Internet. Twitter limits Daily Update Limits: Up to 1000/ 24-hour period
Daily Direct Message Limits: Up to 250/ day
Daily API Requests:150 API (application programming interface)/ hour
Follower Limits: Up to 2,000 people Information and Technology Design Analysis of use in context: Visual Design Use of Colour Users may subscribe to other.
The users can also check the people who are un-subscribing them on Twitter.
In addition, users have the capability to block those who have followed them. 1. Tool: Allows use mobile phones and tablets.
2. Personality: Users can design own page by themselves.
3. Respect: As a social network, Twitter revolves around the principle of followers.
1. Define the target audience.

2. Find influential Twitter users.

3. Provide relevant content.

4. Create hash tags.

6. Language. Key measures to suit the target audience –Active vs passive audience Blue and white hue
Low saturated colours, they do not hurt the eye
High value which the blue hue gets closer to white Use of Golden Rules Simple background
Easy to read the text relatively to the background
Not using too many different colours
Low saturated colours for comfortable viewing USER SITE
ITSELF USERS INTERACT WITH USERS Personalised Background Users can create their own background (with their own pictures or choose different colours)
They can change the colour of the text also Windows iPhone App Layout Clear and simple layout
Organized Comparing Devices Use of symbols to signify words Hierarchy of Twitter Search engine on the top for users to explore twitter Tweets The name and
about the user Twitter suggests
some other users
to follow Popular trends Twitter gives more information about the site, privacy, terms, etc. Compose a new tweet iPhone
version Uploading an Image to Twitter The Code Purpose of twitter User analysis: - Similar layout as in a computer version, just a bit more simple. Cookies Session cookies
Persistent cookies Economic: Reference List: Problem solving The Problem Twitter sells it’s tweets related to a particular topic to particular search engines.
"Promoted Tweets". “Promoted Trends”
Twitter sells the rights to publish live tweets on any hot, trending topic.
Advertisers pay Twitter to show their tweets in top search results, along with their company name The Solution A website for sharing
use "tweets" -- 140 characters message (maximum) Background Information Networking --- Shortened link and hashtags

Business traffic

Business promotion

Social communication Political: An news media Politicians on twitter Our Idea Interaction Design USERS INTERACT WITH THE SITE ITSELF MySpace Facebook Twitter Changed the Way We Communicate Information has never traveled faster.
Frank and transparent conversations
A chance to directly express their thoughts (2010,Parr) Twitter can be of great advantage if it is being used right and kept up-to-date. S,Bennett(2013)How Small Business Can (And Should) Use Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] available at: http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/twitter-demographics-2013_b36254 B,Parr(2010) Kanye West and How Twitter Has Changed the Way We Communicate
available at http://mashable.com/2010/09/04/kanye-west-twitter/ Provide a health, great environment to users. Conclusion
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