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Capstone PSC Utilization

No description

Tanner Brooks

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Capstone PSC Utilization

Feel of the Literature Research Design Political Cost Shifting Accountability Issues PSC Trends Cost Issues Conclusion Congressional Opinions Regarding Private Security Companies Overseas Feel of the Literature Feel of the Literature Overview of Private Security Companies Transnational Companies Offering Military and/or Security Services (PSCs)
Interest and Intrigue in the PSC Industry has Peaked within the past few Decades (Since the Cold War)
Polarizing Topic: Loved or Hated
Politicians in Congress are not Immune to these Views Either

Research Question: "Do Congressional Opinions Impact the Sustained Deployment of PSCs?" Literature Tends to Polarize in Three Distinct Areas:

Literature Suggests PSCs are used by those in Leadership to Shift Costs of War onto Others... But to What Extent?
Manipulation of Casualty Numbers
Helpful in Reducing Anti-War Pressure
Scape-Goat for War Mistakes
Prediction: PSCs Allow the Government to Shift the Costs of War, thus Sustaining their use Accountability Issues:
Perceived as a Real Problem; but why?
Some Literature Suggests PSCs Fight against Accountability, others Suggest the Government has not Done Enough
Realistic Middle Ground: International Laws and Dynamic Circumstances are to Blame for Faults in Accountability
Prediction: Congressional Steps taken to Increase Accountability will Increase Use Cost Issues:
Proponents Claim PSCs are Cheaper than Traditional Soldiering, Critics Suggest the Opposite
PSC Incentives go Beyond Statistical Cost-Benefit Ratios
Prediction: Once Honest Cost-Benefit Analysis is Conducted, use will Increase Design Permeates Organization Rhetoric
Focus on Key Congressional Hearings and Congressional Research Articles from 2007-2011
Discovery of Three Distinct Questions
"Do Politicians appear to use PSCs as Political Scapegoats in an effort to Shift the Political Cost of War?"
"Does the Issue of Regulation Affect the Attitudes of the Politicians concerning PSCs?"
"Does the Perceived Cost of PSC use Affect the Attitudes of Politicians?" Rampant in Congressional Hearings
While Previous Literature Insinuated that "Government" was a Single Entity used for Cost Shifting, this was not the case
Split Consistently Along Party Lines
Demonized by Democrats and Considered Useless
Considered Free Market Triumphs by the Republicans
Because they are so Intertwined in the War Effort, PSC use is Sustained Both Parties Concede Accountability is Lacking
Even PSC Industry Leaders Desire More Oversight and Accountability
If Everyone Desires Accountability, Why is there still none?
Government Bureaucracy is to Blame
Improvements have Occurred
Early Trends Suggest Accountability Increases Deployment Trend of Security Contractor Use in Iraq

Source: Schwartz: DOD’s Use of PSCs in Afghanistan and Iraq (Compounded via CENTCOM Quarter Contractor Census Reports, FY2008-Q2 FY2011) Trend of Security Contractor Use in Afghanistan

Source: Schwartz: DOD’s Use of PSCs in Afghanistan and Iraq (Compounded via CENTCOM Quarter Contractor Census Reports, FY2008-Q2 FY2011) Disconnect between Actual and Perceived PSC Cost
Pushes by Industry Leaders and Overall Concern has Caused more Attention to be Focused on conducting Cost-Benefit Studies
Regardless of more Accurate Information, Cost does not Seem to Play a Critical Factor in PSC Deployments Topic Exemplifies Partisan Warfare

Both Sides Appear to Reflect Literature Supportive of their Claims

Entire Industry Use was at the Whim of Congressional Leadership until they Became so Intertwined in Warfare they became a Necessity, at which point they became a Partisan Pawn
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