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Assignment 04 - Prototype and Test

for the Design Thinking Action LAB course of Stanford University

Elisa Bonotto

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Assignment 04 - Prototype and Test

and Test

Mirror's Talking
In first place I planned the action by sketching the situation...
Sketch-Based Decisions:
The goal here was put the stakeholder in front of mirror and asked her to talk to herself. I suggested some topics for the talking:
Photos of the test
After that, she answered me the questions that follow:
"A young Medicine student needs a way to
develop communication skills
because she'll spend a long time at work talking to people."
My favorite idea:
Go alone to Disneyland

Describe yourself;
Imagine that you are interviewing yourself;
Talk more about the school-to-work transition or remember the things you said me in the interview.
The stakeholder, as you see in this pictures, did the test with enthusiasm: (click to zoom)
My problem statement:
Question 1: How did you feel?
"Embarrassed, uncomfortable, did not knew what to do with my hands. I couldn't face me like when I am presenting a work and I can't face people. Felt my mouth dry."
Question 2: Talking to yourself is easier than talking to other people?
"It looks the same. One of the things that make me uncomfortable is to think that others are analyzing my way of speaking. And when I am in the front of the mirror I'm analyzing myself too..."
Question 3: What aspects worked well?
There is something that could be improved?
"I saw my main problems of communication and it's positive if I improve them starting from my own observation. Maybe if I film myself during the "mirror's talking" and watch later I could point out my mistakes in a better way."
Question 4: Do you feel that mirror's talking could improve somehow your communications skills?
"I think so. I think it could improve my self confidence and then make me less nervous when in front of other people."
I decided to do

Most practical idea:
Mirror's talking
And here we go!
Go alone for Disneyland...
So, we go now for the second prototype and test:
Go alone for
As I do not have money to test the real situation, I made a sort of board game to show to my stakeholder and see what happens...
Sketch Session
After we discuss a little bit with the "board game" in hands, she answered me the questions that follow:
Like you saw in the sketch, when you going to Disney alone, you needs to communicate to:
buy gifts;
get into shows and artistic attractions;
go the amusement park;
find restrooms;
walk around inside and outside park;
and find lodging or hotels.
Question 1: What aspects worked well?
"I imagined myself doing those things. The experience involves feel like a child again and looks very fun."
Question 2: What could be improved?
"I could take a specially designed Map or could have some particular tour guide wherewith I could talk..."
Question 3: Any new ideas?
"Maybe put hidden objects in some places of the park which you have to find and which contain clues of another places, doing a route with communication challenges..."
Question 4: Any new questions that need exploring?
"Communications skills are important even when you want to do "basic things" like eat or buy something?"
Elisa Bonotto
that's it
: You saw my prototypes, tests and feedbacks.
I hope
you liked it.
a lot for your attention.
Feel free
to contact me.
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