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INFM605 Gowalla Presentation

Group Project Presentation Abromowitz - Papadatos - Peplau - Vigneault

Tansy Peplau

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of INFM605 Gowalla Presentation

Stories journaling
sharing Usability
Intuative Interviews
Forced adding to story
Good design Surveys
"Check-in" over "I'm here"
Story implies more depth
Like tagging Contextual Inquiry
Good for journaling
Take time Guides Suggestion
Location Usability
Confusing start
Like feature Interviews
Not mentioned
Not used? Surveys Contextual Inquiry
Used for setting Lists Saving
Sharing Usability
No feedback = good Interviews
Not discussed
Not used? Surveys
Not mentioned -> not used? Contextual Inquiry
Not used INFM605 Group Project Scott Abromowitz
Panagis Papadatos
Tansy Peplau
Kevin Vigneault We conducted user research for: How did we do it? Contextual Inquiry
Usability testing -
- Kevin
Scott Why did we pick Gowalla? New version = :( Mobile=Challenge A lot of supporters Not mainstream What did we test? Who are the users? How do they use Gowalla? Do they like it? Is it usable? How do they feel about the recent changes? What did we find? Strengths Weaknesses Future Improvements What is Gowalla? Website iPhone app Android app "Checking in" Main Function Strengths Awesome Design! Nice Interface! Users are loyal were Fun game aspects GONE Frustration !@#%@# (Betrayal) Some usability issues Many Competitors Weaknesses Future Improvements Game Aspect Change it BACK More Specifically Stories, Guides and Lists Game-like elements Methodology/Procedures Selection of Participants Preparation – Practice Techniques jhgjgjghg Contextual Inquiry
Not used Surveys
Not mentioned->not used? Interviews
Not discussed
Not used? The importance of different methodological approaches See similarities and/or differences Prior experience with Gowalla for Contextual Inquiry, Interviews, and Surveys Contextual Inquiry
• Participants: 2
• Reasoning: Friends, long history of usage

Usability Testing
• Participants: 3
• Reasoning: No Prior Experience, Friends of the evaluator

• Participants: 3
• Reasoning: 1 friends with interviewer and 2 group member friends

• Participants: 10
• Reasoning: Prior experience and friends Usability Testing
• Practice with a group partner – critiques
• Changes made for last 2 tests
• Test wordage on 2 people in person
• Rehearsal
• Rephrasing of words Positive:
• Learned how to make project group work
• Phrasing of words – not to be awkward
• Different interaction with the app
• Better to perform interviews in-person or via video chat
• Wish we had prior understanding of our product (except for 1)
• Difficulty finding participants who have used Gowalla
• Maybe lead participants Learning Experience Thank you! :)
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