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Survivors of the Holocaust

This is a prezi for your review before the test!

Jennifer Cihacek

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Survivors of the Holocaust

Luncia Gamzer Herbert Karliner Markus Reich George & Ursula Levy Walter Ziffer Sarah Engelberg Mathei Jackel Jack Gruener LUNCIA GAMZER 8 years old Hid in the bathroom to escape an akzia Portrait almost
gave her away hid in her father's over-
coat to go to work with
from the ghetto to hide in
Mrs. Szczygiel's house Father was a baker HERBERT KARLINER Went on a ship to Cuba 12 years old Worked as a baker With his vacation time
he snuck into the ghetto that
his parents and sisters wer in. Eventually forged documents to become
"Paul Brun" from France. His brother lived, but his
parents and sisters died. MARKUS REICH Taken to a forced-labor
camp. 15 at this time. He and Stefan left
left the camp
by pretending to be
Polish workers carrying
a piece of lumber. He
is 17 at this time. Once back home he had to
work for the Nazis in Bochnia.
Had to dig a trench and then
bury the bodies. Taken away again, to Klay forced-
labor camp. His cousin Max was there. Had to hide in the latrine
(out house) for hours to
escape death. Went to a door to ask
for food - ended up
being his wife eventually George & Ursula Levy Brother & Sister. He was
8 1/2 and she was almost 4. They were sent to St. Jacobus
Children's Home in Eersel, Holland. They were able to stay there
(at the church) and pretend to
be visiting Dutch Children. Ursula wants a cherry tree
someday! When Holland was taken over
by Germany, the two were taken
to Camp Vught. Officer Etlinger was a mean Nazi
officer at the camp. Joseph van Mackelenbergh (the guy
that helped them get to the church
in Holland) sold stuff at his store for
cheap prices to Officer Etlinger so the
children would stay in nicer barracks. Joseph told the story that
the kid's father was American. Florence was told to look
after the children. George
denied needing her at one
point to save himself. WALTER ZIFFER 12 years old Pelted with stones by fellow
students and called a "stinking
Jew". German officer's took over
the Ziffer's home. Another officer took his wrenches. Met Lydia at the ghetto camp. While at the slave-labor camp,
he was beaten up by other prisoners
for doing too good of a job with his
work. Was a servant to one of
the prison guards. SARAH ENGELBERG Favorite Uncle Naphtali was killed by the Nazis when trying to get food to Sarah's family Sarah's family and her Uncle Isaac's family hid in haystacks. A friend of her mother's found them in the haystacks and eventually let them stay in his attic. Sarah and 14 others stayed
in the attic for 2 years. Those in the attic had to
adjust to walking and
talking again after they
were freed. Mathei Jackel As a 7-year-old, "friends" tried to kill him in a pond. Balked when he was told to shoot a girl who was helping the Nazis. Escaped from the boxcar and fled to the mountains. Joined a group of Partisans, doing things to stop the Nazis. Was taken captive on a boxcar at age 10. Jack Gruener Traveled on a death march from Auschwich to the German border. Lost his bread on the march
while trying to help another
prisoner. Ended up being transferred to
10 different camps. Found a small space at the top
of the apartment building for his
family to live in while in the ghetto.
Loved to read! Remembered how to
save himself when he was sick from
the rich food he was given. Married Luncia Gamzer from
our previous story! :)
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