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Surah Al Qalam (8-16)

No description

Zummar Ansari

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Surah Al Qalam (8-16)

Surah Al Qalam (8-16)
* The purpose of these ayat
1. to expose the evil manners of the disbelievers
2. clear difference between manner of the two opposing parties

Arabic text
English translation
8. So (O Muhammad ) do not listen to the disbelievers

9. They wish that you should compromise (in religion out of courtesy) with them, so they (too) would compromise with you.

10. And obey not everyone who swears much, and is considered worthless,

11. A slanderer, going about with calumnies,

12. Hinderer of the good, transgressor, sinful,

13. Cruel, after all that base-born (of illegitimate birth),

14. (He was so) because he had wealth and children.

15. When Our Verses (of the Qur'an) are recited to him, he says: "Tales of the men of old!"

16. We shall brand him over the nose!
Reason for Revelation
* Quraysh leaders had bad attributes

*Ayat reffering to Waleed ibn-ul-Mugheerah (majority opinion only)

* He was an evil enemy of rasoolullah

* Claimed false things about the Quran
Lessons Learned
1. Struggling evil enemies is neccessary to protect faith
* Muhammad SAW struggled against arrogant leaders
* All previous prophets did the same
*History exposes the common characteristics of these leaders
* The purpose of these ayat are to show their evil characters
* Acknowledge that there are good non-muslims too
*some choose to accept Islam too
Major Sins are major Risks!
* Division of sins: Major & Minor
* Major---> Jahanam (if not asked for forgiveness)
* Definition of a "kabeerah" or major sin
* Minor sins can easily be forgiven if followed by *certain practices*
*Surah Al Nisaa aya 31*
*What are the worst of the major sins
*ayat 10-13 of surah Al Qalam describe some of the major sins Allah abhors
*these sins are*
Compromising Faith is unacceptable to Allah
* The kuffars' main goal was to make the Prophet comprise his beliefs by making an unacceptable offer
*ayat 8 & 9* give off a clear message to not abandon your faith
* Allah only accepts Islam as the final religion
* For those who held on to their religion, rasoolullah and his companions were great examples
* The story of Bilal and his torture is an excellent example

*Changing Islam is not permissable, to add or to take away
*We cannot change rules
*We cannot change the number of prayers or fasts
* We cannot forget earlier prophets
* We cannot add prophets either
*We only practice Islam how Allah and his Prophet taught us
*Many muslims today do NOT follow the example of Rasoolullah
Backbiting & Gossip divide the muslim society
* Our muslim community should be run with love, respect and support
*Hurting the feelings of others is considered an evil action in Islam
*Gheebah (backbiting) or nameemah (gossiping) involve the spread of rumors and worsen the community
*since this kind of talk is so hurtful to everybody and the community, Alah haram and a major sin
* " Hammaz" means the one who backbites
*" masha'in binameem" means the one who gossips
* Many muslims fall into these sins
* parable
Once, Rasoolullah asked his companions," Do you know what is Gheebah?"
They said,"Allah and His messenger know best.
He then replied," To mention your brother in any way that is hurtful or disliked by him.
The Messenger SAW was asked again." What if the information is true?
He answered," If it is true you have made gheebah, and if it is not, you have commited buht (slander, which is saying false things about him, and that is even worse)
Once A'isha was mentioning Saffiyah (on of the Prophet's wives) and she motioned with her hand to say that she was short. The messenger said: You have mixed into your good deeds (something so bad) if it were mixed with the ocean, it would overcome it (and make it smell bad)
The Messenger (SAW) said that the one who spreads gossip will not enter Islam

* Referring to the fact that this is a major sin to be involved in nameemah
* He/she will be put into hell for a period of time for that sin
* On the night of Isra and Miraaj, the raools visual diary of those who used to do gheebah and insult others
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