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Toms Shoes

No description

miggy puma

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Toms Shoes

Target Audience
Men in the the middle and upper social class.
Men within the 30-45 year age group (Generation Next).
50-65 year old men with an active lifestyle and dispensable income (Baby Boomers).
Brand Promise
The TOMS Shoes company is driven by a single mission: To make life more comfortable. Towards that end, TOMS not only ensures that every pair of its slip-ons are soft, breathable, and lightweight for an optimal fit—the company has also charged itself with the responsibility of providing for the comfort of children in impoverished regions worldwide.
Price $
Digital VS Traditional Marketing
Corporate Philanthropy
Save $10 Off $100+ TOMS Branded Purchase (Expires 08/31/2014.
Host a special event launching the new product where they can buy limited edition pairs.
Write a press release and include it in magazines and newspapers.
Each pair of tom shoes is $60-$65 including the Dr.Scholls within that price.
Online customers will receive free shipping on their next purchase by following our Instagram @Toms_shoes.
Orders placed online will receive 10% off if they choose to donate to one of our Giving Partners or to the charity of their choice.
Males living in sub-tropical areas.
Reside in places such as California, Florida, the Caribbean & Latin America.
Between the ages
of 30-45 & 50-65.

Visual Elements
Our marketing approach will mainly focus on digital marketing with some traditional aspects as well.

For our digital marketing we will use the services of the holy trinity of social media:
Faceboook facebook.com/TOMS
Twitter @TOMS_shoes
Instagram @TOMS_shoes

As well as new website creation, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

For our traditional marketing strategy we will use billboards in strategical cities (Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Honolulu) , print ads on magazines (such as ELDR, GeezerJock, AARP, GQ and Men's Health) direct mail and brochures handed out at selected social activity sites.

"One for One" Model
Improve their health.
Respect, Inclusion, Empowerment
Buy a bag of coffee = 1 week of water.
Buy glasses = Surgeries for the blind.
60+ countres
Corporate Philanthropy
Creating jobs in Haiti

TOMS shoes is making the world a better place one pair of shoes at a time.
Demographics and Psychographics
Factories are in Argentina, Ethiopia and China.
Soon to come: HAITI!
This product will be offered at
retail stores and online.

The distribution of our One for One model is based in a contribution of any person to the or non-profit organization that would like to distribute our supplies.

TOMS has partnered with Dr. Scholls to make this innovative shoe, that will expand the TOMS brand into new markets.
"We think in your comfort,you may change the world."
We plan to see a 15-20% increase in sales within this target market in a three-year period.
We will conduct research before, during, and after the campaign to see how our target market was impacted based off of sales, surveys and focus groups.
Value education and giving back to the community.
Have great social awareness.
Family-oriented and enjoy spending their days outdoors.
Need better arc support due to their active lifestyle.
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