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RTD Newsletter [September 2015]

No description

Enilda Romero-Hall

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of RTD Newsletter [September 2015]

Early Career Symposium
RTD Award Winners
Outstanding Book Award

Presented to:
Ali Carr-Chellman, The Pennsylvania State University

Instructional Design for Teachers: Improving Classroom Practice (2nd ed.) Published by Routledge

Sponsored by AECT's Research & Theory Division

Outstanding Research and Theory Division-Sponsored Accepted Proposal

Presented to:
Sally Alexandra Eliot & Atsusi Hirumi, University of Central Florida

The Elusive Construct of Emotion: An Interdisciplinary Critical Literature Review

Sponsored by AECT's Research & Theory Division

AECT 2015 Schedule
RTD Award Winners
Dean and Sybil McClusky Research Award

Presented to:
Yeol Huh, (Advisor: Charles Reigeluth) Indiana University

Exploring teachers’ practices to develop students’ self-regulated learning in U.S. K-12 online schools

Sponsored by the ECT Foundation and AECT's Research & Theory Division

Outstanding Journal Article Award

Presented to:

Richard E. West & Peter J. Rich, Brigham Young University

Rigor, Impact and Prestige: A Proposed Framework for Evaluating Scholarly Publications Published in Innovative Higher Education

Sponsored by AECT's Research & Theory Division

RTD Newsletter
All applications are due
September 18, 2015.
For more information click on the link below:
AECT's Research & Theory Division will be hosting the Early Career Symposium sponsored by the National Science Foundation: Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies.

November 3rd, 2015 (Full Day)
November 4th, 2015 (Half Day)
The AECT 2015 schedule is now available!
RTD facilitators
Check your commitments & email E-Ling Hsiao (elinghsiao@gmail.com) before September 9, 2015 if any changes need to be made.

Coming Soon
Invitations to attend two RTD webinars will be posted soon via email and in our RTD Facebook Group!
Have a wonderful
Fall 2015 semester!
Enilda Romero-Hall, RTD Secretary & Newsletter Organizer
Fei Gao & Wei Wang, RTD Early Career Symposium Organizers
George Veletsianos, RTD Awards Organizer & Past President
E-Ling Hsiao, RTD Convention Planner & President Elect
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