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No description

lau chace

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of description

Double click anywhere & add an idea Air-conditioning
Heating water up for bathing and cleaning
Dehumidifying Thermal Master Functions? Name of the product? How is the structure? A 3-components device:
water tank It is similar to a normal split-type air conditioner. How big is it? It's the same as usual split-type air-con.
The volume of the water tank is about 0.5 meter cube. The indoor-unit is located indoor while
the other parts are installed outdoor. How does it work? 1st: Refrigerant absorbs indoor heat and then evaporated.
2nd: The refrigerant is compressed.
3rd: The refrigerant loses heat by condensation and the thermal energy is used for water heating.
4th: Hot water is stored temporarily in the water tank.
5th: The refrigerant then absorbs indoor heat again and the whole cycle is repeating.
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