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Jisuk Lee

on 20 November 2011

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Transcript of Jisuk

What is Jisuk Doing now? Sales Independent
Pacemaker, ICD, CRT
Implant and F/U Marketing Master CD
Flip Chart
Customer Educating
Feature Promoting Potential Growth Creative Intellectual Power Good Relationship with Customer and co-worker What does she have? What does she going to do? sales Encouraging
Upgrading Marketing Original
First Runner
Well strategy
Long Run Seoul (17 Hosp.) : AMC, CMC etc.
Daegu( 10 Hosp): Dongsan, YUMC etc. Challenge Confidence Responsibility Open Mind Encouraging Definite answer for Indication
Promoting Primary Prevention customer as a loyal supporter What does she want to get? Knowledge of Device function
Sales, Marketing in Mind
Fluent English Ability
Training (Sales, Marketing, Device)
Personal Connection (in Or out of Office) Sales Increasing Implant Number of Highpower Device Expanding Market Portion: Primary prevention
Increasing Market Sharing: AMC(Optivol), CMC(co-work with Distributor) Upgrading Imp. PM. ICD. CRT instead of Only PM
Imp. Dual Chamber PM. ICD instead of Single
Enhance customer's knowledge of Device Features For Next Step Marketing Co-working
good supporter Be a CRDM Player Promoting Original Feature Intensively MVP. ATP During Charging. Optivol. New Product Preview on Market MRI Sure. New LV lead, Sheath Personal. Group Training Maintain PM. ICD training for Customer steady effort for Promoting superiority Longivity. Charge time Strongly NEED Mentor Jisuk
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