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An Argument for Digital Writing in Composition Classrooms

This presentation argues how digital writing is essential in today's composition classroom and shows examples of how new technologies can enhance student learning.

Brian Lewis

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of An Argument for Digital Writing in Composition Classrooms

CCCC Position Statement on Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Writing in Digital Environments

"The focus of writing instruction is expanding: the curriculum of composition is widening to include not one but two literacies: a literacy of print and a literacy of the screen. In addition, work in one medium is used to enhance learning in the other."

Advantages I've found:
Increases range of student involvement.
Creates more ways to both engage and assess students.
Allows for greater creativity.
Facilitates student collaboration.
Enabales writing for the future.
Enhances students' sense of audience. Research has shown:
More writing to communicate with audiences.
Growth in depth of thinking and development of ideas.
Better student performance when taking a course (even partially) online.
Greater civic/community engagement.

Sources: Beach et al. viii, x; US Dept. of Ed. xiv-xv; McArthur Foundation/Center for Info and Research on Civic Learning Why teach
with digital
technologies? What can digital tools do for the English classroom?

Prewriting--AnswerGarden, Wordle, bubbl.us

Research--Diigo, delicious, BiblioBots

Individual feedback--Vocaroo, Dragon, Word tracking

Peer Review--Titan Pad, Google Docs, Adobe Connect

Conferencing--Skype, Zoho, Google Talk, join.us

Group Projects--Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot (or any blog site), Lulu.com, pbworks.com (wiki), MapSkip

Visual rhetoric assignments--Flickr, MovieMaker Mashups, Vokis, YouTube, Yodio, Prezi

Web portfolio--E-folio, Webs.com, Softchalk, Google Web
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