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What is Pokemon

Takaaki Yasue

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Pokemon

Types of
Pokemon! What kinds of Pokemon world? Pokemon Pokemon is famous animation in Japan but recently it is famous in the world too.
Pokemon has games, books, cards and movies!
Pokemon is made in Japan! How many Pokemon are there? If you intrusted to Pokemon, I'll teach you more information
about Pokemon like cards,games or animation.
Lets play Pokemon together! But actually Pokemon is for
kids and not for grade6.

Let's play! Pokemon! What is Pokemon? Pokemon has many kinds of monster.
Most famous one is Pikachu.
Pokemon has different types like fire, leaf, water and other types. Picture of my favorite Pokemon Pokemon is about 500 kinds of Pokemon.
That is so lots of Pokemon living
the Pokemon world!
There are also legend living in the each world.
Like Pokemon under this sentences.
His name is Rayquaza and his types are air
and dragon. This picture
is my favorite
Pokemon! This is Pokemon worlds
and it has different Pokemon
in the each world.
Of course not only 3 worlds
Pokemon has about 6 worlds! Kinds of Pokemon Conclusion Pokemon is omission of Pocket Monster.
It has lots of fun things and I'll show you
what is Pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for
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