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Leila Zraika - Volcanoes

No description

guildford public

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Leila Zraika - Volcanoes

What is a Volcano?

A volcano is a mountain with an opening at the top. The volcano is filled with magma, the vents/crater pipes allow the magma to escape and turn to lava.
Structure Of A Volcano
A volcano is made up of Earth's Crust. Above the crust is the mantle. On top of that is the magma chamber. Around that is the rocky layers. In order for the magma to explode, we need vents or crater pipes to help the magma travel. There is one main pipe and there are side vents too. They also produce lava. (If not blocked). Once the magma turns to lava the ash clouds come out. When a volcano explodes it is called an eruption.
What is the difference between magma and lava?
Magma and lava both play an important role in the volcano's eruption process. Magma is when it is still inside the volcano, lava is when it has escaped from the volcano and has cooled down in order to become lava.
Why does a volcano erupt?
Gases expand and water turns into steam, this causes the magma to be pushed up through the vent. It also depends on how sticky the magma is. The viscosity of the magma also varies.
Stages of a volcano
There are three stage in a volcano's life time.
The first stage is active. This is when the volcano has erupted recently or will erupt soon
The second stage is dormant, dormant is when the volcano hasn't erupted for a while but has the potential to.
The third stage is extinct. This is when the volcano has no more magma and will not erupt.
5/6 Lyrebird
By Leila Zraika
This is an image of lava...
This is an image of magma
Although that image is not real,
it should give you an idea of
what magma looks like inside
a volcano.
Did you spot the clues showing
you that the image was not real?
Fun Facts
Number 1. Without volcano's the earth would
have gone into an ice age.

Number 2. As volcano's once saved the world, they are now warming the stratosphere. This is causing global warming to exceed in its process
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