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Tropical Rainforest!

No description

Taylor Madison

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Tropical Rainforest!

Tropical Rainforest The Tropical Rain Forest is found... Central America
South America
Southern Asia
Northeastern Australian coast
Oceania islands Climate is extremely rainy, rains almost everyday
temperature is 30 - 35 degrees C every day
temperature is 20 - 25 degrees C every night
humidity is usually always high
Wildlife of the Tropics home to more species than
all other biomes combined Along the equator; the equator holds the hottest, and sometimes the most damp biomes Human Impact: Deforestation is the main human interaction
towards the tropical rainforest. For instance,
some activities are logging, pollution, hydro-
elctric projects, wood burning, fuel collecting,
war, fires, mining, oil extraction, hunting and
poaching, commercial agriculture, and building
material. Taylor and Madison! Abiotic Features hot and damp year-round
thin and nutrient-poor soil
top layer of soil is acidic with light colored humus
subsoil has iron and dluminut compounds in the clay.
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