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NAYA Academy 2.0 [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of NAYA Academy 2.0 [Shared]

Established in 2009, NAYA is a leading global provider of Data Technologies managed services with emphasis on planning, deploying, and managing business critical database systems for large enterprises and leading startups.

Privately held
100 employees
Oracle & Microsoft Gold Partner
Global 24X7 support
Consulting Services
Support more than 300 organizations
How do we help
our customers
Our main advantage as a training partner lies in the combination of expert instructors with actual world experience as consultants and with NAYA developed training materials modeled based on our extensive experience.
Data Technologies
Global Leader
Data Technologies

NAYA College
- 2015
Data Technology Courses
Thousands of students
Worldwide Training
Leading Vendors Training Certification
50 Trainers
Growing Communities
- Technologies
Data Technology Market 2016
- World Wide Training
San Francisco ,New York , Atlanta , Boston, London, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland, and more...
- Learning Experience
Live Classroom experience
Remote Training experience
NAYA Academy
- Platform Overview
To help professionals around the globe learn Data Technology, by providing LIVE courses online in as many countries, skill levels, and languages as possible.
Professional Learning Experience
Online, on site and hybrid
To be a part of real class
Academy as a Platform

“Best seller” courses
Certification programs
Instant access to LIVE training
Monitor employees performance
Partnership Oriented
Collaboration for delivering vendor courses
Certifications (Vendor/NAYA)
EVERY vendor as a partner

Shard revenue with the vendor
Shard awareness in the community
Operations Worldwide
Europe, North America & Canada, Middle East
Network of trainers, experts and Guru’s
Everywhere around the globe

Multi time-zone
Multi Language
Active Communities
Communities of Data Scientists, DBAs, Architects, etc.
Virtual networking and professional support
Member reviews and trainer ranking

Discussion forums
Motivation badges
Certification Path
Our Focus
- Data Technologies
Data Management
Business Inteligence
Machine Learning
Data Mining
Data Science
Big Data
NAYA Academy
- Demo
What are Hybrid or Blended courses?
"Hybrid" or "Blended" are courses in which some traditional face-to-face "seat time" has been replaced by online learning activities. The purpose of a hybrid course is to take advantage of the best features of both face-to-face and online learning.
How do you take part in the
Register to NAYA Academy – Free
Build your professional profile
Use the code courses for free
Take part in Live training
Build your path and get recognition
Data Technologies
Global Leader
Data Technology Market 2012
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