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ID 101A Pres 2 Proportion

Golden Rectangle Golden Mean

Dorothy Minarsch

on 13 August 2016

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Transcript of ID 101A Pres 2 Proportion

Golden Rectangle
Golden Mean
Golden Section

Golden Rectangle
Golden Mean - Wall Treatment
Golden Rectangle (ratio= 1 to 1.618)
Golden Mean (for interiors)
How one part of an object relates to another part of the same object
Parthenon was designed as a Golden Rectangle
Simple and easy to calculate "almost" Golden Rectangle:
FIBONACI SEQUENCE: Begin with a ratio of 2x3 (convert x to +) 2+3=5, now take = and convert to x 3x5 (convert x to +) 3+5=8 now take = and convert to x and so on
2x3 3x5 5x8 8x13 13x21 21x34 and so on are all examples of Golden Rectangles. A SECOND AND PERHAPS EASIER WAY IS BELOW STARTING WITH A PERFECT SQUARE.
Line that visually divides an object, wall, drapery etc. into two unequal but harmonious parts.
The line falls between the 1/2 and 1/3 from the bottom or the top.
Nature's Perfect Proportions .618
So you want to place a shelf in a room, then where should it go, how do you decide?
What do you think of the proportions of the fire place in terms of a Golden Mean?
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