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Exploring the Life of Vasco Da Gama


Victoria Yu :)

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Exploring the Life of Vasco Da Gama

Exploring the Life of Vasco Da Gama
1469-Vasco Da Gama
was born in Portugal
November 7, 1497-
Da Gama's crew
reach and stop at the
Cape of Good Hope
November 22, 1497-
Da Gama's crew
leave the Cape of
Good Hope
March 2, 1498-Vasco's
ship land in Mozambique,
an east African country
to restore thier food and
May 20, 1498-The
ships reach Calcut,
India, thay have
finally reached
there destination
Start Here
August 29, 1498-
Vasco Da Gama
departed from
what was once
his destination
1499-On the way back the ship Sao Rafael
was burned because lack of crew, many people died from scurvy
September 9, 1499-Da Gama's ships return to Lisbon.
July 8, 1497-Vasco Da Gama and his four ships leave Lisbon, Portugal because King Manuel I ordered him to find a way to India for spices and other goods
Febuary 1502-Da Gama recieves 20ships from King Manuel I to return to India
1502-Da Gama destroys the port
at Calcut for revenge from the massacre of Cabral's men
October 1503-Da Gama's second group of ships return to Lisbon with many spices
1519-Vasco Da Gama was made a count by King John III
1524-King John III sends Vasco back to India
Christmas Eve, 1524-
Vasco Da Gama dies in India
The end of Vasco Da Gama's timeline
I was told that Vasco Da Gama was a violent person. Though, I'm not sure if that is true because I never met him before. It was the day my captain, Vasco Da Gama, would start sailing over the seas. We all left the port with four ships with about 170 men in all. We left under the order of King Manuel III. It was all really sad to leave the rest of our family behind. All of us set sail and headed down the side of Africa on July 9, 1497. After four months, November 7, 1497, we reached the Cape of Good Hope around the tip of Africa. Then we left again on November 22 sailing around the tip. We are running out of food and supplies. On march 2, 1498, the ships land in Mozambique, an east African country to restore our food and supplies. the people gave us fresh water and everything we needed. Then the crew started trading. The trading went well. Here we conquered land by putting a cross and a pillar in the ground. Then Vasco hired guides to lead the way to India. In my opinion I thought that would be a bad idea because you cannot trust everyone. When we continued the journey people of the crew were getting sick because lack of fruit and vegetables. After two sick years, August 29, 1498, we finally reach Calcut, India, our destination. Here we traded with the Indian people. They seemed very happy to see us. But the tradin did not go as well. All of us traded cloth and beads. When we traded our things they rejected them. I think they are dumb people. Can't you see we are offering something? I guess not. We traded and stayed there a few months. Finally it was time to go back. On the way back on the Indian Ocean, Sao Rafael (one of the ships), was burned because lack of crew. My friends died from scurvy, a disease. But I got lucky. I got sick and recovered. We are getting closer because we reached the Cape of Good Hope on March20,1499. Fianlly, on September 9, 1499, we returned home in Portugal. We had a big feast. I cannot believe that I journeyed with on of the most successful European explorer and the commander of the first ships to sail directly from Europe to India:)!!
The Crews' Point-of-View
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and finally,
Thank you for watching!!!
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