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Financial and Clinical Reports

No description

Engers Fernandez

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Financial and Clinical Reports

Day Sheets
Day sheet
—report that provides information on practice activities for a twenty-four hour period
Patient day sheet
—summary of patient activity on a given day
Procedure day sheet
—report that lists all the procedures performed on a particular day, in numerical order
Payment day sheet
—report that lists all payments
received on a particular day, organized by provider
Practice analysis report
—report that analyzes the revenue of a practice for a specified period of time

-Usually used to report on a month or a year
-Can be used to generate medical practice financial statements
-Can also be used for profit analysis
Production Reports
Preparing Clinical Reports
Performance measure
—processes, experience, and/or outcomes of patient care, observations, or treatment that relate to one or more quality aims for health care, such as effective, safe, efficient, patient-centered, equitable, and timely care
Patient Ledger Reports
Patient ledger—report that lists the financial activity in each patient’s account
List the three types of financial reports available in Medisoft Network Professional (MNP).
12.2 Describe how to select data to be included in a MNP report.
12.3 Compare patient, procedure, and payment day sheets.
12.4 Discuss the purpose of a practice analysis report.
12.5 Explain how to create a production by provider report.
12.6 List the steps for creating a patient ledger report.
12.7 Describe how to create a standard patient list report.
12.8 Describe the use of Medisoft Reports to create a report.
12.9 Explain how aging reports are used in a medical practice.
12.10 Explain how to access MNP’s built-in custom reports.
12.11 Describe the process of editing reports in MNP’s Report Designer.
12.12 List the reasons for using reports for tracking specific clinical data.
12.13 Discuss the regulatory obligations for the retention of patient medical records.
Financial and Clinical Reports
Production by provider report—report that lists incoming revenue information for each provider in the practice
Aging Reports
Aging reports—
report that lists the amount of money owed to the practice, organized by the amount of time the money has been owed
Used by medical practices to determine which accounts require follow-up to collect past-due balances
Patient aging report
—report that lists a patient’s balance by age, date and amount of the last payment, and telephone number
Insurance aging report
—report that lists how long a payer has taken to respond to insurance claims
Meaningful Use Vs. Meaningful Outcome
Patient registry
—method of reporting clinical data to payers using an online service rather than claims-based reporting
Record Retention
preservation of information on patients’ medical conditions for continuity of care

Retention is performed:
-According to the practice’s retention schedule
-To protect both the provider and the patient
In accordance with federal business records retention requirements, and any state requirements that apply Under HIPAA, covered entities must keep records of HIPAA compliance for six years.
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