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Margaret LeBlanc

No description

Susan Baker

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of Margaret LeBlanc

The Dinka Tribe
By Margaret LeBlanc
Most of The dinka tribe is located in southern Sudan, surrounding the swamps of the Nile Basin.
culture facts
-They have certain names for male, female, and twins
In Sudan the north and south wanted two different religions and laws. There was also an issue with the natural resources that each part had. This conflict brought them into a civil war where 2.5 million people died from starvation and drought alone.
after 40 years of war the two sides decided to divide the country horizontally into two.
Many African tribes do scarification, it shows adulthood and maturity. Different tribes have different symbols. For example the dinka tribe has ten lines across the forehead.
The Flag
The Sudan flag is based of the Arab Revolt flag of World war I. It has four colors, red, white, black, and a green triangle on the hoist side. The red signifies the struggle they had getting freedom. White is the color for peace, love, and light. Black represents the people of Sudan. In their language of Arabic "Sudan" means black. The green triangle signifies agriculture prosperity, and Islam.

-The Dinka tribe believes that the first people who where created by God where Garang and Abunk, who are the same as Adam and Eve.
-Relatives can marry to the ghost of a male who has died.
In the 1800's women Wore a Taupe, and Hijab which would cover the face before they went into public. Because women would protest they can now have no coverings on their face, most only wear a taupe when their is a special event. South Sudan has shifted more into normal clothes like t-shirts and jeans for everyday life.
Work cited
The dinka tribe will mainly eat and drink cow milk, fish, meat, beans, tomatoes, and rice
The Dinka tribe's houses are Hut-like structures, made of their natural recorses.
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