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Allyson Jamison

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Allyson Jamison

Nowhere To Call Home
By: Allyson Jamison
Chapter 17-19
Frankie and Stewpot admit to some personal things such as their real names and Frankie finally admits to Stewpot that she is girl. Later, they arrive in St. Louis on a train and they get caught by the police and they are taken to the police station there. They were released and forced out of St. Louis, their next destination was Iowa. Once they arrived there Stewpot kept growing sicker so they decided to stay at a mission for a night.
Chapter 11-13
The next morning after spending the night by the fire, Frankie realizes that her valuables had been stolen from her bag at some point during the night. There isn't much that Frankie could do so her & Stewpot headed into town to get somethings or their next trip, they were headed toward the Rockie Mountains. While in town Frankie purchases her first pocket knife. She also begins to learn the value of the dollar all thanks to Stewpot,
Chapter 8-10
In these chapters Frankie starts to get into the swing of things and she realizes what problems might face since she is trying to hide being a female or a "frill". They arrive in Pittsburgh and meet a few other hobos; Peg-Leg Al, Vera, Dot, Blink, and Plain Jame. Soon Frankie is learning what having work ethic means, she tagged with Stewpot when he went to get some "grub" for himself an dall the other hobos.
Chapter 1-3
Frances's father decides to take his own life, for the stock market had crashed and he couldn't handle the thought of not having all of his precious money. Frances is left with nothing and is delivered the news that she must go elsewhere. She couldn't stay in that house anymore. So she is told that she is supposed to go live with her Aunt Bushnell in Chicago. Frankie doesn't wan to go and she over hears Junius talking about being a hobo & Frankie decides she would rather be a hobo as well.
Chapter 14-16
Frankie and Stewpot were happily on their way on the train & Stewpot showed Frankie that he whittles old cigar boxes. Frankie was rather impressed by this and wanted to share some of her interests with Stewpot. Frankie decided to show him her books that she had brought. While on the train Frankie realizes that Stewpots cold is slowly getting worse and she begins to worry. Luckily they arrived in Cincinnati and a nice lady agreed to welcome them into her home for some food in exchange of shoveling off her walk outside.
Chapter 20-24
With Stewpot growing sicker and sicker, Frankie spends her money for blankets, medicine, and other things that Frankie believes will help. These supplies got him through to the Rockie Mountains and until they arrived at Seatattle in Hooverville. In Hooverville, Frankie meets Sawbones who tries his best to help Frankie keep Stewpot alive but unfortunately they can't do enough and Stewpot ends up dying.
Chapter 4-5
Frankie hears Junius talking about being a hobo and she was told that she was not fit to a hobo. Shortly after, Frankie leaves her home bound for the train station. Once she arrives at the train station, she hesitates but she ends up selling her train ticket to Chicago for cash and Frankie takes off, sprinting through the city streets.
Chapter 6-7
Frankie went to disguise herself by purchasing boys clothes then she cuts her hair so her appearance makes her seem like she is a boy. After she finishes disguising herself, Frankie hops on a freight train & she thinks she is alone. However, she soon finds out that she is not alone and she meets the other main character in our book, Stewpot.
Chapter 25-26
Frankie buries Stewpot in Hooverville. She spends the last of her money on train tickets bound for Chicago. Four days later, she arrives in Chicago and gets directions to her Aunt Bushnell's house. She arrives at her Aunt's door step and to her surprise she notices a symbol meaning hobos are welcomed there. This gives Frankie a feeling of ease then she walks up to the door and lets the brass door knocker fall.
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