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Importance of Oral Health

No description

Jennifer Riccobono

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Importance of Oral Health

Importance of
ORAL HEALTH Jennifer Riccobono Professional Interest Community Health Provider PROBLEM THE BURDEN OF ORAL DISEASE
found in adults and children of low socioeconomic status BARRIERS TO PROPER DENTAL CARE RHETORICAL TIMING CHHS 302-04 CSUMB Nursing Preventative Care Personal Experience NEED FOR UNDERSTANDING -- NEED FOR EDUCATION -- LACK OF DENTAL INSCURANCE -- LACK OF FINANCES -- The majority of Americans lack access to affordable health care Dental care is not priority THE CURRENT DENTAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IS... Mostley Private For Profit Expensive Inefficient Discriminatory Healthcare is begining to focus on preventative care Unfortunatly, dental care is NOT included ----- So what can be done? CAUSE EFFECT "Despite important
links between oral health &
general health, efforts aimed at improving dental health have lagged prevention efforts for other common chronic health conditions." (Frisbee, 2010) Healthcare Practitioners need to focus on educating the
community about the importance of good oral health Do parents know when to start caring for their
children's teeth & how to do this correctly? Do individuals understand that over time poor oral health WILL effect their overall --- FOCUS ON
RETENTION "The low-income
participants along with dentists and other healthcare providers identify Because the cost of denistry is
a major barrier to care
community health proiders need to provide information about
low cost dental care CAUSE EFFECT the cost of dentistry and the inadequacy or
inaccessibility of public inscurance schemes as
major impediments to dental services for
low-income people." (Wallace, 2011) Dental Schools Low-cost community clinics Websites --- "Children
who grow up in poverty have poorer dental health and a worse profile of tooth brushing habits than their better-off peers. The number of sound teeth is influenced by access to dental services, fluoride exposure, and the rational use of sugar in diet."
(Peres, 2011) CAUSE EFFECT Comunity Programs need to
continue to focus on nutrition
and relate it to oral health. Oral health interventions
need to take place in the educational
Adults & Children
Healthcare Practitioners REFERENCES Frisbee, S. J., Chambers, C. B., Frisbee, J. C., Goodwill, A. G., & Crout, R. J. (2010). Research Association Between Dental Hygiene, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Larson, K., & Halfon, N. (2010). Family income gradients in the health and health care access of US children. Maternal & Child Health Journal, 14(3), 332-342. doi:http://dx.doi.org.library2.csumb.edu:2048/10.1007/s10995-009-0477-y Systemic Inflammation in Rural Adults. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 84(4), 177-184.
Mofidi, M., Zeldin, L., & Rozier, R. (2009). Oral health of Early Head Start children: a
qualitative study of staff, parents, and pregnant women. American Journal Of Public Health, 99(2), 245-251. doi:http://dx.doi.org.library2.csumb.edu:2048/10.2105/AJPH.2008.133827
Peres, M. A., Peres, K. G., Thomson, W., Broadbent, J. M., Gigante, D. P., & Horta, B. L.
(2011). The influence of family income trajectories from birth to adulthood on adult oral health: findings from the 1982 Pelotas birth cohort. American Journal of Public Health, 101(4), 730-736. doi:http://dx.doi.org.library2.csumb.edu:2048/10.2105/AJPH.2009.184044 Wiener, R., Crout, R., & Wiener, M. (2009). Toothpaste use by children, oral hygiene, and nutritional education: an assessment of parental performance. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 83(3), 141-145. THANK YOU,

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