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Paragraph by Classification

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'Alecz Lopez

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Paragraph by Classification

Paragraph by Classification
Group 5
Enriching Vocabulary
More salient for the individual
Effective Modifiers for Attitude
Advocacy Group
Loaded Language
Venues for Discussion
Comprehending the Model Paragraph

Reading Selection
Attitudes , which affect the individual’s subsequent behavior or perception , are formed in two ways , directly or indirectly. Directly , they are learned through firsthand experience and socialization. Experience based attitudes are stable , less changeable , and more salient for the individual. They, too are shaped directly through socialization. Children learn by example from their elders at home or from their teachers in school.
Indirectly, effective modifiers of people’s attitudes are subordered into the media and advocacy groups. Media is further classified into print media and TV or radio media. Print media with its loaded language arouses extreme feelings that feed into the reader’s mind , thus influencing behavior. TV, with its extremely graphic and attractive presentation, leaves hard-to-forget images in the viewers’ minds.

In addition, newscasters and commentators over the TV and the radio, and opinion makers in the Internet definitely affect attitude formation of the masses. Also of growing importance as indirect molders of people’s outlooks are advocacy groups that come together to discuss issues. Church leaders, activists, human rights conformists, and any other social groups maintain ensconced beliefs and values system. By and large, people’s outlooks are defined , changed, and strengthened through the different means of attitude formation.

What is attitude. What do you think is the importance of attitude in one’s life?

2. Are attitude is inborn or acquired? Explain.

3. How can attitude make anyone succeed or fail? Cite example.

Discussing the Characteristics of a Paragraph Developed by Classification

A paragraph by classification divides people, places, or things into groups.

Some signal words used for classification are:

Basis or bases features
Characteristics two of the…
Criterion or criteria a number of…
Classify or sub classify category or subcategory
Divide into or subdivide categorize or sub categorize
Classes or subclasses groups or subgroups
Suborder main type

Note the following sequence: The subject of classification may be divided, may be subdivided, may be further subdivided, and so on.

Analyzing the Structure of the Model Paragraph
1. Unity
Topic Sentence
Attitudes.. Are formed in two ways, directly or indirectly.

Controlling Idea (Keywords)
Supporting details:
Clinching sentence
2. Coherence
Paragraph order
Structural device
Directly Indirectly
A. Directly through:
Firsthand experience
Socialization, by examples seen at home and in school
B. Indirectly through:
Media (print, radio, TV, Internet)
Advocacy groups (Church leaders, human rights conformist, activist)

People’s outlook are defined, changed, and strengthened through the different means of attitude formation.

Logical order (deductive order), from general (topic sentence) to particular (Details)

Signal Words denoting classification: in two ways, classified sub ordered, further classified.
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