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Praise and Worship

senior project

Ian Lovering

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship Concert at Great Neck Baptist Church
Wednesday, March 24th: 6:30 p.m. I conducted church choir in 3 songs
Took approx 20 min Performance was "Special Music"
for Wednesday night church service I put performance together from start to finish
Was responsible for every step of its production Steps Getting permission for project as well as for facilities/equipment Choose theme for project Picking music that would
adhere to chosen theme Identifying other musicians needed
for performance and persuading them
to participate (pianist, soloist) Informing choir of project
and obtaining their agreement
to perform with me Scheduling, organizing, and attending
Wednesday night choir practices Creating music CD to practice with Practicing, going over songs on my own Advertising the project and drumming up support Writing up my speaking part,
audience survey Performing the project! Growth Skills gained/refined:
Music Choice
Advertising Learning to Conduct on the Run... limited time little prior knowledge skill requires mastery of
complicated intricacies multi-tasking Obstacles Learning to Conduct Finding time to practice
(w/ choir) Scheduling a date to perform practice, practice, practice... (on my own) making the most of the few practices we had
staying late
working extra hard moved performance date up a week
(so as not to coincide with Easter) Paper CopyWRONG: Yesterday’s Music Protection Laws
in Today’s Technological Reality
Today' Music Copyright Laws:
Outdated and Unenforceable The government attempts to crack down on users
of free download sites on the Internet With this country's privacy laws,
this is like fighting a losing battle As a result, music artists are not being fairly compensated for their intellectual property In order to fix this, I propose a copyright system
that acknowledges the permanency of the Internet
and instead compensates artists according
to how many downloads their work receives online. (Money to pay these artists would come from a tax increase on consumer electronics instead of music sales) Connection to Project: In performing this church concert, I used copyrighted music Great Neck Baptist had to receive permission
from the publishing company in order to purchase
and then perform these songs LAW!!! I researched a lot of current American copyright law
in the writing of this paper Referenced often: Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 This particular law is controversial because of the ways in which it defines
"fair use" and "free speech" in regards to copyright laws overcome... overcome... overcome... Accomplishments I learned a valuable music skill:
conducting I provided my listeners with an enjoyable musical experience and
praised the Lord at the same time I collected a love offering for Together We Build I learned a lot about myself as a person
and as a musician I come out of this product with a new-found
confidence in my ability to overcome obstacles
and present a finished product $232.00 Audience... Choir Survey...
Compiled Results of both surveys Thesis:
Even though the current inefficiency in the enforcement of American
music copyright laws allows consumers to get large amounts of music
for free, these laws need to be reformed to reflect the constantly changing technological landscape that pervades the music industry today in order to ensure that musicias/artists are compensated for their intellectual work.
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