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Math in Criminal Justice

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Chavelie Cruz

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Math in Criminal Justice

Crime Scenes
Percentages ?????
When a police men encounters someone with drugs it all depends on how much drugs the suspect has.

The police procedure is to weigh and measure the drugs, then with that information they make a choice as to what punishment, the person who had the drug on them, deserves.
Crime rates are another way math and more specifically statistics are used in crime.

Crime rates are used to identify a pattern or measure the number of crimes being committed in American or specific cities within the USA.
You can also determine about how many people are in car accidents, people in violence, amount of people who are in gangs, etc.
ex: in 2011 23% of car accidents were caused by texting and driving which is equal to 1.3 million accidents.

Monday, April 13, 2015
By: Chavelie Maria Cruz
Car Accidents
Policemen use different angles and measurements to help remake the traffic accident to determine who is at fault who was driving which way and who made the wrong turn.

You can also determine how fast a car was driving such as braking force, friction with the road and impacts with other vehicles

This helps policemen know who is at fault and will play a vital role in who is convicted guilty within court.

Math plays a big part in criminal justice field.
Understanding math helps increase police officers ability to know where and when a crime is going to be or was committed.
Math in Criminal Justice
In a crime scene you determine which angle the blood spattered in comparison to where the body was standing and where was the victim stabbed, shot, or hit with an object.
Knowing this information can help determine at which angle the killer attacked from and how tall was the suspect, etc.
Crime Rates

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