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born at midnight book trailer

a book trailer about mystery and love... if you want 2 know more about the book just watch the trailer ...this book is amazing!!!

Bailey Rigazzi

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of born at midnight book trailer

The Ghost kept his eye on Kylie while he slowly removed his helmet......blood, bright red blood, gushed down his forehead. Kylie's breath caught as she watched blood trickle down his face. Then everything went into slow motion. Kylie stood up wanting to escape
This whole mess of a Life started because of a Stalker Solider no one could see but me. I thought I was crazy, "ha" if I only knew that the Soldier was a Ghost.
the Ghost
I was sent to a camp for delinquents. It turns out that it was a camp for Supernaturals, like they say I am . I don't believe them. I may be able to see Ghosts but I think I'm just insane. At this camp there are many things that could and would kill you if they were not controlled.
there are werewolves
There are hideous creatures like Werewolves,

Beautiful Creatures like Shape Shifters,
and Fairy's.
Then their's me, "Kylie Gallen", the seventeen year old Girl that all the Supernaturals are afraid of, just because I see Ghosts, faint constantly, and don't believe I belong here. No one knows who or what I am. Some say I'm Fairy, some say I'm born of the Gods of the Supernaturals. I'm at this camp to figure that out!
My life turned upside down when love came into the mix of Secrets, Evil, Destiny and the Mystery of who I actually am .
This is Derek he is half Fairy or (Fae) as Derek calls it. He has been determined to be my love, since we first met, Is he? He is trying to forget about his Powers just like I am. He has saved me from many dangers time and time again. Derek can tap into animals minds and can have a full conversations with them. He can also control emotions, it helps a lot because I get freaked out most of the time.
other books from c.c.hunter are:
This is Lucus, He's a Werewolf that I met a long time ago. I have hated him ever since the day I was just a kid and my cat went missing. I know now that rebel werewolves eat pets and sometimes humans. So he did not not just kill my kitten but he also satisfied his stomach too. But for some reason he still grips my Heart. He has a psychopathic girl friend, Freadrika who say's, that "If I even say Hello to him, She will rip my head off."
All of Us here at Shadow Falls Camp for Supernaturals were born at midnight, that's the only way you can become one of us. Or, you were bitten by a Vampire. They also say "it is hereditary," so if one of your parents was born at midnight then they are supernatural and you would be too. My Mom and Dad are definitely "Human". So why do I have dreams of Ghosts, and still see them when I wake up in the morning?
That's what I thought about those Supernaturals, but not all of them are so evil or so sweet as they seem
This Crazy Life belongs to Me, "Kylie Gallen", the only Person who can make a Vampire run, a Ghost Soldier stalk her and has a Fae and a Werewolf fighting over me. I'm the only girl who has no idea who she is, but I am proud to be a Supernatural.
This book trailer was produced by: awesmazingchicwithamazingtastinbooks co. aka Bailey Rigazzi
the end
is near
song written by: Rebecca sugar
sung by: Olivia Olson(Marceline)
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