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The Village and The Giver

No description

Victoria Harris

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Village and The Giver

The Village and The
Giver The Village The Giver 1. In The Giver only The Giver, and Receiver, know about the past 2. The character that plans to leave
is a young boy named Jonas. 3. The people kill the old and new born babies (if in twins the lightest is killed), this is called releasing. 4. Sameness; no creativity.
5. Born by one person; then given to
a suitable family. (Each child has a
number) 6. There are no animals, except for
younger children's comfort toys. 7. No fire; this may be for protective reasons. 8. No weapons 9. Marriages are planned by the Elders. One must say they wish to be married then sign up for a spouse. 11. When people are released they are not
buried in a cemetery. 10. No seasons or seasonal weather; (apart of sameness) spring; rain, summer; sunshine, winter; snow, autumn; cold and changing, falling leaves. 12. People in The Giver travel everywhere
by biking. 1. In The Village there are creatures that lurk
in the woods. 2. The main character is an older girl named Ivy, who is blind. 3. There are many farm animals in The Village. 4. Everyone walks to the place they need to go to. 5. 6. People are buried in cemeteries. 7. Marriages are not arranged; people choose their own spouse. 8. Yellow is a 'safe color', and protects the people from the creatures. 9. Ivy, the main character, leaves to get medicine. 10. Ivy leaves along with two other escorts to a certain point then leaves them and she travels ALONE. 11. There are no planes searching for her after she leaves. 12. Ivy returns to the village Similarities 1. The color red is a major part of both stories. 2. Both stories towns are enclosed to a specific part of land. 3. Both stories have a person leave the town. 4. Both stories have a council of elders. 5. The main characters in each story can see colors, unlike everyone else. 6. Each family has their own living space. 8. All families eat together. 9. Both characters leave so they can save someone. (Jonas to save the town, and Ivy to save her crush) 10. Both main characters are 'blind' to the world. 11. In both stories the people are protective. [The
village families and animals, and The Giver's people. (parents, children, etc.)] 7. Both Ivy and Jonas have a motive to leave. 12. Both towns are ruled on fear. (The village creatures, and the Council of Elders watching every move you make.) By: Victoria Harris
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