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Real Estate Services copy

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Real Estate Services copy

Real Estate Services
Gavin Bree Real Estate Services
Associate of Fusion Real Estate Network

Gavin Bree
Focus #1
1. Stage
2. Photos
3. Post.
4. Directions
5. Professional sign
Important Note: At the large companies, the call goes to the floor agent. The floor agent is there to get prospective buyers for themselves, not to sell the listing the client is calling about. Most of the time the floor agent wants to direct the buyer to another home.
6. Lockbox
7. Put it on the Internet
8. Professional flyer design.
9. Feature the property on my website
virtual tour
area information
internet syndication.
10. Professional web flyer
11. Reverse prospect list
Personally call and email all agents
12. Hold open houses
13. Follow up
Is there anything else that would be important to you?
A great communicator gets deals done.

They make sure people understand.

They give important feedback.

They are good listeners.

They find resolutions.

They keep deals together.

Communication helps the seller make better decisions and reduces stress.

This is one of my greatest assets.
I am in the service industry.
What really sets me apart is my work ethic.

I am available!

If I am not available, have a backup.
● Most agents do not return buyer calls!
● Many agents state on their voicemail that they return calls between 11 and 12 and again between 4 and 5 or something similar to that, placing priority on their schedule, not yours.
Relationships are key
My Goal:
Offering my clients the level of service.
If I were going to list my house tonight, what are the services I would want?”

total commitment

great communicator


terrific backup

fair price.

an agent who is doing their job
I have affiliated my services with Fusion Real Estate Network. This is an organization that provides me with my own team that works directly for me and my sellers.
The larger the company (meaning the more agents) often means the lower the level of service. Every agent is an independent contractor in California. That means a large company is really just a number of agents that are separate businesses. The agents that are directly listed receive zero compensation and it is against the law for their manager to demand participation.
Focus #5
I want to be certain that I receive the best service and value for my money. This includes auto service, landscapers, plumbers, and real estate agents.

I offer the very best marketing and the highest level of service.

My services are much more detailed and extensive than 99.9% of the agents in the country. Yet in many cases, I charge considerably less.

With my flexible commission structure, my clients can save on the commission they pay to sell their home.

With this structure, you have complete flexibility, from
“Full Service”
“Do It Yourself”
Most agents are shunned and ridiculed by other agents as being weak if they offer a better price to their clients. I choose to put my client’s needs first and see this as good business and a way to demonstrate value, which in turn earns additional referrals.
Phantom 3 Professional Drone
Breathtaking views from an aerial perspective.
Focus #6
I only want to do business with those who want me to help them.

In most cases, once the seller signs, they are stuck with that agent for six months or longer.

With me, if you are not satisfied that I am doing my job as I have described here, you have the right to cancel the listing and start with another agent.

I can only control my own efforts.

There are few agents that offer the following:
Full-Fledged Professional Marketing
Easy Accessibility
Flexible Pricing
Contract Cancellation Rights
If an agent does not give you a cancellation agreement, you are absolutely obligated by law to stay with the agent even if he or she is not doing a good job.
What else do you need or want?
What else is important to you?
For Sellers
Not Being Stuck in a Contract
If I were thinking of selling, what would I want from my agent?”

“What is the best level of service?” “What would I want my agent to focus on?”

What is the Best Level of Service?
Commission Flexibility & Value

Support & Agent Backup
Focus #4
Marketing Plan & Process
As fast as possible
As much money as possible
Great Communication
Focus #2
Focus #3

There is no better opportunity to choose your own listing plan, and keep more money in your pocket at close of escrow, while still receiving the highest level of service anywhere.
List your home with me, and if you find the buyer and handle the contract, you can cancel your listing and you will be charged zero.
If you find the buyer (with no additional agent involved), I will handle the contract, disclosures, and walk through at closing for a total fee of 1%. Minimum $1995.00.
I find the buyer and represent both parties, you pay a flat 4%.
If another agent brings the buyer, and the selling price is over $250,000, you pay 5%.
If another agent brings the buyer, and the selling price is under $250,000, you pay 5.5%.
If you are short selling your home, the commision is 6%, but the bank
generally pays this fee.
3D Showcases bring listings to life!
A 3D Showcase is an online experience that lets home buyers move through a property and see it from any angle.
Statistics show that buyers will buy the house with a balance of the best features
and the best pricing.

The better the deal, the more $$$ buyers will offer on the house, which will create
competitive bidding.

Often, the
lowest priced house will get the most money.

Price your home thinking like a
, not a

Let’s take a look at what the market is telling us about your home’s potential value!
Service plus Experience and Value brings you the Best Possible Results.
Pricing Your Property to Get the Most $$$
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