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Their Eyes Were Watching God: Janie's Journey

This shows Janie Crawford's journey through Florida and what she learns and does there. (Sorry for the ton of info!)

Emily Benko

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Their Eyes Were Watching God: Janie's Journey

West Florida West Palm Beach The Everglades Eatonville Jacksonville http://www.shmoop.com/eyes-were-watching-god/setting.html
http://www.gradesaver.com/their-eyes-were-watching-god/study-guide/section3/ Janie was born and raised in West Florida by her Grandmother, “Nanny,” and felt rather suppressed by the white people growing up during slavery. Growing up on the plantation, Janie was convinced that she was just like the other kids (white) that she would play with. It wasn’t until she saw a picture of herself that she realized she was actually black. Nanny taught Janie independence and to believe in herself, no matter her race. She also discovered that white men raped both her Nanny and her Mother and her father was unknown. "Janie saw her life like a great tree in leaf with the things suffered, things enjoyed, things done and undone. Dawn and doom was in the branches." Chapter 2, pg. 8 Janie returned to Eatonville to her husband, Logan Killicks, where she was judged and envied by the porch sitters and shared her story with her best friend, Pheoby. Eventually, Janie marries Jody and they both arrive back to Eatonville in disappointment. Eager to speak with a mayor, Jody learns that there is no mayor and holds a meeting on his front porch discussing the production of a store and post office. The store was a big hit with the townspeople and soon, all of the money Jody put into the creation of the store was returned when he began selling land to newcomers interested in living there. Jody’s health and relationship with Janie both deteriorate over the years and he soon passed away leaving the townspeople wonder whether he was poisoned by Janie or not. Upon meeting Joe, nicknamed Jody, everyday for two weeks, Janie tells Logan that she is thinking about leaving him. Her and Logan then get into an argument over who will then move the mule manure. Janie shares with Logan that he hasn’t done a favor by marrying her and then threatened to be killed with an axe. The next day, Janie met up with Jody in the middle of the road where they ran off together and were married by sun down in Green Cove Springs. Janie began to learn her identity and realized that she was not as happy with her marriage as she should be. Being the strong, independent woman that she is, Janie made changes including a new man by the name of Joe Starks, whom she left Logan Killicks for. Once married to Jody, Janie soon discovers that she is looked upon as a worker in her husband’s eyes. She was forced to run his store and pin her beautiful hair back. "'Ah wants things sweet wid mah marriage lak when you sit under a pear tree and think. Ah...'" Chapter 3, pg. 23"Janie pulled back a long time because he did not represent sun-up and pollen and blooming trees, but he spoke for far horizon. He spoke for change and chance." Chapter 4, pg. 28"'Thank yuh fuh yo' compliments, but mah wife don't know nothin' 'bout no speech- makin'.. Ah never married her for nothin' lak dat. She's uh woman and her place is in de home.'" Chapter 5, pg. 40-1 After pointing out his faults and selfishness on Jody’s death bed and turning down many desiring men, Janie meets up with Tea Cake and eventually marries him in Jacksonville. Even though he won the money back by gambling, Tea Cake stole Janie’s money to put on a party. She forgave him. Janie tried not to fall back in love, especially with Tea Cake, but she learns that they have immediate chemistry, and it seems as if love is all she’s been looking for. "[Tea Cake] looked like the love thoughts of women. He could be a bee to a blossom - a pear tree blossom in the spring. He seemed to be crushing scent out of the world with his footsteps. Crushing aromatic herbs with every step he took. Spices hung about him. He was a glance from God." Chapter 11, pg. 101 Janie and Tea Cake move to the Everglades and find peace, happiness, and jobs. They work together in the bean fields. After going on trial for murder, Janie is proven innocent and organizes a nice funeral for Tea Cake as she praised the Lord for giving her a chance to be loved. After returning to the Everglades after the hurricane, the rabies begin to affect Tea Cake’s actions and the intensity of his jealousy whenever it comes to Janie. Janie tried to get him a doctor, but was accused of leaving Tea Cake for another man. He also tried to shoot her, so as a part of self-defense, Janie shoots and kills Tea Cake while he bites her arm. Janie finds herself enjoying being next to him all the time. Janie also finds herself feeling jealousy whenever Tea Cake flirts with younger girl, Nunkie, and attempts to beat him for it. Instead, it turned into intense lovemaking where Tea Cake shared his undying love for Janie. "Janie held his head tightly to her breast and wept and thanked him wordlessly for giving her the chance for loving service. She had to hug him tight for soon he would be gone, and she had to tell him for the last time. Then the grief of outer darkness descended." Chapter 19, pg. 175 "'Once upon uh time, Ah never 'spected nothin', Tea Cake, but bein' dead from standin' still and tryin' tuh laugh. But you come 'long and made somethin' outa me. So Ah'm thankful fuh anything we come through together.'" Chapter 18, pg. 158 Once sharing love for one another, a hurricane strikes through the Everglades and the couple head to Palm Beach in order to find safety. While trying to save Janie from drowning, Tea Cake is bitten by a rabid dog. He eventually is diagnosed with rabies. As a part of being saved, Janie learns that she has finally found love. “’Going to high ground. Saw-grass bloom. Hurricane coming.’ Everybody was talking about it that night. But nobody was worried. The fire dance kept up till nearly dawn. The next day, more Indians moved east, unhurried but steady.” Chapter, pg. 190 “So he didn’t kill the dog with one stroke as he intended. But the dog couldn’t free himself either. They fought and somehow he managed to bite Tea Cake high up on his cheek-bone once. Then Tea Cake finished him and sent him to the bottom to stay there.” Chapter, pg. 203
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