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Aisha Soufi

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of BIOCHAR

Foundation Advantages Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Enhances the water quality What is Bio Char ? BIOCHAR Poverty alleviation Bio char Production
Bio char is a charcoal which is made for the purpose of adding it to soil as an amendment. Bio char can be produced from any type of biomass,
forestry waste streams
It is manufactured by heating the biomass feedstock in an oxygen deprived
environment, a process which is called pyrolysis
dairy manure
rice hulls
[which they are different types of biomass] resulted in determining the best temperature and bio mass for yield percent of bio char. Producing bio char from -Biochar improves the quality of water by
causing more nutrients to stay in the soil.

-This is due to its spongy structure

-In consequence, plants are in a good health,
and the fertilizer leakage will be less into groundwater. Manages waste * Biochar manages and decreases the amount of the following wastes:
-Animal wastes
-Agricultural wastes
-Community wastes
-Industrial wastes
* As a result, the air pollution and the emissions of greenhouse gases will be reduced. Improved Environment for Soil Life -This is can be achieved by providing the small organisms with many benefits.
- Example: It’s useful for "Nitrogen fixing bacteria".
- Therefore, the need for the nitrogen fertilizer will decrease by 1%. if we do not control the amount of the bio char and add large amount of it to the soil, this will affect negatively the soil and will lead it to be non-productive for more than one season until it becomes balanced Fight Climate Change The carbon included in
biochar fights ruin and can store carbon in soils for hundreds to thousands of years biochar is one of stable forms in the world.

biochar, constant aromatic circles of carbons

Biochar's ability to enhance soil fertility .

The biochar has the ability to sequester carbon.

The carbon in biochar, is very resistant to pollution.

biochar helps in climate change and improve agricultural production.

The carbon contained in biomass. Stability Biochar Safety Increases Agricultural Productivity Carbon is the most critical component of soil fertility.
mix carbon with natural substance result of:
Become carbon dioxide go away to the atmosphere.
Small amount of humic material will stay in soil.
humic material in soils are reduced by the industrial agricultural practices.
Used chemical fertilizers, pesticides and tillage Adding biochar is a more capable way to raise soil carbon levels:
-All of the carbon is directly accessible to improve fecundity,
-Virtually none of the steady carbon added to soil festers and
- Biochar is highly permeable composition; therefore, it has a very big internal surface area. Biochar has a great influence on the soil after period of time such as
1.Increasing the nutritional content of the grown food and
2. Improving the quality and the quantity of the grain
This will results in having different wealthy food crops which gradually leads to eradicate the food poverty. Climate effects Biochar can reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere through
•Sustainable carbons recycling which strengthen the natural ability of plants to soak up carbon
This sustainable carbon recycling results in
1.Decreases the use of carbon-intensive agrochemicals
2.Biochar has the ability to decrease the rebirth of nitrous oxide and methane from the soil Decrease the emissions
of greenhouse gases Many investigators also concluded
and suggested that biochar increases the odds of reducing the emissions of
greenhouse gases like
2- nitrous oxide (N2O),
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