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Introduction to the Paragraph

No description

Cleter Mattis

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to the Paragraph

Introduction to the Paragraph
Prewriting: A way to help you get ideas to write about.
One way is to talk about the topic with your classmates.
1) Look for a partner
2) Talk about the reasons that you like this school.
3) Write down a list of your ideas.
The form of a Paragraph
A) Title:
1) Capitalize the important words.
2) Should not be a complete sentence.
3) Don't use quotation marks.

B) skip line:
Write every other line
C) Indent
D) Leave margins
E) 150 words at least.
F) Concluding sentence.
Topic sentence
Is the main idea of the paragraph. Tells the reader what the paragraph is about. It is also the first sentence of the paragraph. The rest of the sentences describe, and support the topic sentence.
Evergreen Valley College
I like Evergreen Valley College for three reasons. For one thing, it has a good child care center. This is very important to me. I am a young mother with a two year old daughter, and the child care center gives me the freedom to take one or two classes a semester. In addition, it is easy to get to campus by bus because the bus stop is only a block away. My car is old, and it is not always reliable. If I have car trouble, I have another way to get to school. Finally, the school is a friendly place. Most students do not know each other at the beginning of a semester, but they have many opportunities to become acquainted through school clubs, sports, and group work in class. The teachers are also very friendly and usually have good sense of humor. It means a lot to me to have such a good school in my neighborhood.

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