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Benefits to a business of Internet Marketing

No description

Mark Grant

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Benefits to a business of Internet Marketing

Benefits to a business from Internet Marketing
Cost effective marketing
Improved marketing mix (7/8 P's)
Cost effective marketing
TV advert time can be £100,000 per minute (ITV 2016)
Benefits to a business of Internet Marketing
L3 Business Y1
Increased market share
Customer data
Must comply with local legislation
Access to new markets
Team activity: How has an online presence benefited the companies you've selected?
Increased market share
Access to new markets
Customer data
Improved marketing mix (7/8 P's)
Site, mobile site, partner sites etc
Extra revenue can lead to development
Lower overheads
Multi channel meets customers
Back links to other providers/ data/ revenue.
Can make marketing cutting edge.
Need tech specialists
real time/adds options
Newspapers expensive too
Target Groups
Reach the people you want to
Can control costs
Find the cost of printing 10,000 A4 colour brochures
and posting in UK.
None of them may result in a sale...
Can get better return on investment online
Free: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...
Nike was essentially a B2B before the internet...
Now about the same size as all other sportswear companies
Market share = cash...
If they're your customers,
they're not the competition's!
This comes at a cost
Not free...
Globalisation has had an impact.
People have Tech and Money.
People volunteer
Phone numbers
Bank details
GPS data
Social Media
Brand preferences
These all help
business relevant
to customer.
Can't get this
with a flyer...
What's happened to their marketing spending?
What about their online/offline income?
Do they allow for different currencies?
Cover all the themes discussed in this presentation. Include the below questions.
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