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No description

Colby Hawkins

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of 9-6-17

Bell Ringer
Chromebooks Needed : )
Vocal Warm Ups
Humming (forward resonance)
lip buzzing (increase air velocity)
Mm-ahs (advanced forward resonance)
and sirens (gentle use of the entire vocal range) while alternating vowels.
And now this...
Character decisions are the single most important factor that drives you on to success or dooms you to failure.
Thursday, Sept 7th 2017
Please finish ALL remaining videos currently assigned on EdPuzzle/Google Classroom (Standard 1.1 assessments 5-8) by the end of tomorrow, Friday.

The purpose of the bell ringers this week is to help you master reading treble clef notes. If you finish the videos but can't name treble clef notes then the academic goal of this week will remain unfulfilled.

We will complete a timed treble note flash card quiz as a 'for real' graded summative assessment on your mastery of the treble clef next week. It will be the only grade input so far for the first quarter and requires
note name recognition. If you can't yet instantly name any note on the treble clef music staff, I
encourage you
to make it a point of study prior to Monday. Use any apps that help with treble clef note ID.
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