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Famous Physicist: Lord Kelvin

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Sami Scott

on 17 April 2017

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Transcript of Famous Physicist: Lord Kelvin

Famous Physicist: Lord Kelvin
Kelvin's Discovery
Absolute Zero
- the point where all molecular motion is stopped. It is thought to be at -273 degrees Celsius.

Kelvin Water Dropper
- its a electrostatic generator. It uses falling water to generate voltage differences electrostatic induction happening between the two oppositely charged cups. It is used solely in physics education to demonstrate the principles of electrostatics.
Works Cited
Birth and Family
Lord Kelvin, aka William Thomson, was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on June 26, 1824.
He went to elementary school where his father taught at Royal Belfast Academical Institution. Then at 10, he studied at Glasgow University. He attended Cambridge University from 1841-1845.
Absolute Zero and a scale of absolute temperatures was created in 1848.

The Kelvin Water Dropper was invented by Lord Kelvin in 1867.
Accepted Immediately??
Kelvin's absolute value scale was not immediately accepted.

Kelvin's Water Dropper was not accepted immediately.
Interesting Facts
He coined the term "kinetic energy".
He had heart problems and almost died at age 9.
As a teenager, he wrote essays and published scientific papers.
Kelvin became a Lord in 1892 and took the name Kelvin because of his Glasgow connections.
Do we use this in everyday life??
Where would we be without it??
Kelvin never married nor had children. James Thomson (Williams father) was a teacher of mathematics and engineering at Royal Belfast Academical Institution. His father had tutored William and his brother James. Williams fathers encouragement helped William become as smart as he was.
The absolute temperature scale is helpful to all scientist who need to know temperatures. Also for when figuring out molecule movements.

The Kelvin Water Dropper is helpful to physics teachers to teach their students about electrostatics.
We do not use these in everyday life but scientists do!!
Without Absolute Zero we would not have a name for the temperatures that no molecules can move.

Without the Kelvin Water Dropper physics teachers would be unable to demonstrate electrostatics.
Lord Kelvin
Absolute Zero
Kelvin Water Dropper
By: Sami Scott
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