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Alpine Space 2020 - Project achievements and priorities for 2014

No description

Alpine Space

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Alpine Space 2020 - Project achievements and priorities for 2014


Budget: 140 Mio € / 117 Mio € ERDF

Co-financing rate: 85%
Introduction to the
Alpine Space Programme 2014-2020

Capital & Resources
The cooperation area
Almost 15 years of experience
Over 650 partner organisations
Projects clustered according to thematic fields
Paving the way to 2014+
Types of project results
gather/evaluate results
identify gaps
capitalise results
set the scene for 2014+
call 5
+ Recommendations for policy-makers and policy papers

+ Guidelines for practitioners

+ Tools and decision support systems

+ Studies and analyses

+ Education material (kits, softwares etc.)

Thank you for your attention!
Strategy development and programming
Process towards
ASP 2014-2020

Cooperation Programme
Strategy Development Project
+ Define needs and challenges

+ Feasibility within scope ETC

+ Integration of EUSALP
NEW cohesion Policy
Three functions of the ASP
Projects with policy impact
New Priorities
+ Initiate and fund projects

+ Contribute to an Alpine strategy

+ Promote Alpine networks and dialogue

Two programming periods:
=> 2000-2006 & 2007-2013
Key Elements for
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