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No description

Crystal Rae

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of SHILOH

The boy found a shayloh dog.He named him Shiloh.The dog belonged to Judd.But Judd was mean and tried to take the dog.They kept the dog.The main charecters were the boy,Judd,Ma,Dara,Dad.The setting was in two cottages,and a forest.The time was around 2000 and 1998.
Authors Proupose
The authour's proupose is to entertain.
The author did entertain me with a story of a dog.
The Story To Entertain
The author's wrote the story to entertain us.Like the quote,''The next day drew me up a dug sign that says Free:Worlds best dog and hold it up along the road to Silverstill.
Book For
Ages 8-12 and its for boys and girls.
I enjoyed the book
I enjoyed the book beacuse i like to read animal books and its about Shiloh the dog.
My Reccomendation
I would reccomend this book to everyone.
I like the quote ,''Witch you want me to do?''
Melany Covarrubias
By.Phyllis Reynolds Naylor,athem books gor young readers,september 2000
My oppinion
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