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on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Canastates

by: Andrew
5th grade

Human Rights
We are all born free and equal.

No slavery

No torture

You have the rights no matter where you go

Freedom to move

Marge and family

No one can take your rights away

A fair free world

Freedom of expression

The right to play

The people that will like the human rights are the Rich people because if they don't respect the human rights they could pay the fine or the jail. The poor people cannot pay because they don' have enough money.
Who Votes
My country does public voting to choose the President or mayor. People should vote to the best person. The person that does the best things and gets more votes is the president and the second person that has more votes is the vice president and the third one is the mayor.
My country is democratic.Democratic is a way to make decisions. This is how my country make the laws. First the Executive branch ask to the Legislative branch if they can make this law or take a law out. If one say yes and the other one says no they go to the Supreme Court to see which one is the fair choice. If the Supreme Court says yes they make the law. If they say no they don't make the law.
My country gets money because we do a lot of export like wood,Bananas,glass,Iron,etc.We trade this things with money.

We Import a lot of imports are gold,meat and etc
Thanks for watching
Income Tax
Sales tax
Property tax
20% if you live in a poor place you pay 10%
This is where Canastates located.
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