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Copy of Portal To Your Dreams

Trends and Scenarios

Pamela Leyva

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Portal To Your Dreams

"To create this climate of leadership and excellence we will provide employees with high values, respect, good compensation, opportunity for internal promotion, personal development and training tools to improve their knowledge, skills, and performance. " What is every Job worth ? Are Employees getting the compensation they deserve ? THE FINAL PICTURE FASTCAT Best for companies with large number of employees.
It is more specific.
Evaluates all positions more effectively
Creates a job hierarchy
Ensures a balance between the level of responsibility and market competitive salary ranges. New Innovating Ideas
Job Families

Numerical Ranking System
Overlapping Pay
Employee Training
Opportunities For Growth
Managerial, Technical, Support STRATEGIES
Encourage our managerial, technical and support teams to work together to achieve our organizational goal

Motivate employees through indirect benefits

-Performance Pay
-Merit Pay

Provide; task identity, task significance, skill variety, job autonomy and feedback to all employees

Offer information seminars to keep employees updated

Mathew PHASE I Implement a lose compensation structure that allows fastcat to balance and reward employees fairly

Promote a team atomosphere and employee creativity

Educate employees on pay standards & opportunities

Reassure job security and potential longevity with the company

Executive Summary
Strategy & Objectives
Job Structure
Compensation Factors Thank you for your time CrazyCats
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