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Career Shadowing Prezi

No description

Jada Johnson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Prezi

Career Shadowing:
Polk county government center milinda johnson Clerk of courts: Purpose of Company Civil Cases Traffic Cases Marriages Marriage Licenses Passports Divorces In 15 years 15 years from now I feel that the company will still be doing as good as it is now, because it there for the public for things that are used everyday. The one thing that I think would change would be the technology. Employability Skills Do assigned work. (If work isn't done then it creates more work)
Be prepared.
Wear uniform appropriately. (There isn't a uniform, but it's neccessary to dress in a professional manner.)
Show respect to supervisor.
Follow instructions.
Be on time. (Being on time is really important especially if you're the supervisor or manager.)
Meet deadlines. The average salary ranges from $35,000-$37,000 and increases as you get raises and bonus.
This job requires a High School Deploma.
A college degree isn't required, but its preferred. Technology
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook Average Salary and Education Skills Basic computer skills
Good customer service
Time management My future goal is to become a lawyer, so I don't think that this would be my first choice as a career. Although this job does deal with different types of civil cases, then it's a good experience to start off with before becoming a lawyer or even possibly out of retirement. What i liked best! What i liked best was when i got sit in court. i liked this part, because i've never been in court before. what i disliked While I was career shadowing I didn't find anything about it that I disliked. State Attorney Another part of the Polk County Government Center is the State Attorney's office. The Court Room There are also court sessions
that go on here. Judge Kirkland the end!!
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