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Parts of Speech

Learning the parts of speech can greatly improve your writing abilities. These are the seven parts of speech that we will be learning today.

Keegan Swihart

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech There are 8 main parts of speech

A person, place,
thing, or idea
Proper nouns are always capitalized.
Ex: apple, store, Kyle Adjectives
Modifies a noun or pronoun
Ex: green, slow beautiful
words used for a noun,
usually specific.
Ex: I, she, he, mine Article
Precedes a noun
and is definite or indefinite
Ex: a, an, the Conjunction
Join words, phrases or clauses.
and indicates the relationship between the
two objects.
Ex: and, but, because Adverb
A word that modifies a verb
Ex: Quickly, (mopstly ending in ly Preposition
Links nouns, pronouns, and
phrases to other words in the
same sentence.
Ex: between, across, over What part of speech is used to
describe an action? Each world can be classified into one of these 8 groups Which part of speech joins words, phares,
and clauses together? . Verb
Describes action
Ex: ran, sat, yelled
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