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Twitter for Teachers

No description

Lynda Morgart

on 8 August 2017

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Transcript of Twitter for Teachers

Twitter for Teachers

Get connected, grow your Professional Learning Network and reinvigorate your teaching

The Language of Twitter
140 characters
-chose wisely, abbreviate when you can, hashtags help spread the word, shortened links
- When you share something that someone has tweeted
-sharing someone else's original tweet with your tweet
- responding to something that someone has tweeted
- an easy way to save tweets to find them for later, click the heart and when you are ready to look for it again, go to your dashboard and locate your likes
Take your time exploring and learning Twitter
Don't get overwhelmed
Get use to using one account, before adding another.
There is a very real value to having more than one account. (professional account vs classroom vs personal)
Get your feet wet with tweeting by pacing your tweets. Try to tweet at least once, if not twice a day to get started. Consistency is key and remember it takes time for people to start noticing your work.
Once you get comfortable, you can use the app to link more than one Twitter account for ease of use. This feature can be found on your page (look for the icon of two people and follow the directions).
Did You Know?
Just like Facebook, your Twitter app and web page will look and feel a bit different.
Hashtags are a powerful
tool to extend the reach of your tweet, help you find information
Adding a . before a Twitter handle, allows your reply to the tweet to be seen by everyone you follow (rather than only on your stream, that of the person responding to and those that follow you.
Direct message, inserting media, drafting tweets, controlling your Twitter settings
Thank You
I truly hope that this was a fun and informative session. Please tweet all about it by using #teamlcisd

If you have questions, please
don't hesitate to ask! I am excited to be able to help!

Twitter : @msmorgart
Email: lmorgart@lcisd.org

Have a wonderful school year and happy tweeting!

Getting Started: Creating an Account

Many teachers create more than one account- professional, classroom and personal
When choosing a Twitter handle, think of the purpose of the account
Add a description to give those in the Twitterverse a sneak peek.
No one likes an egg-add a picture, background
Time to follow: @msmorgart @chadtheteacher @icafelcisd @lamarcisd @burgessdave @techninjatodd @flipgrid
Twitter as a Professional Development
Twitter PD is unique to you and your interests
It can be done from anywhere at anytime.
It fits your busy schedule.
A place to share resources and idea
Supports implementation of traditional PD
Participate in real-time, interactive professional development
Gives teachers an outlet to connect, support and give back to a community of like-minded educators
Twitter Chats
Once you find your chat, don't be afraid to just watch
If your ready, introduce yourself to the chat
When answering the questions presented, answer with A#
Don't forget to hashtag your answers and remarks so that they continue to be found in the chat
Interact with other participants by liking, retweeting and replying
Don't be shy to share resources that support the conversation- webpages, blogs, memes, GIFs
Follow those educators in the chat to build your PLN
Thank your moderators for facilitating the chat
Support the chat by telling others about it, share the archived chat
Tips, Tricks and Treats
They are fast paced. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it
When participating in a chat, on your app- chose see all tweets for the hashtag and remember to refresh by pulling down on the screen
When participating in chats on your computer- search the hashtag, chose live and click on "new results" as the conversation goes on
Be BRAVE! Moderate your own Twitter chat or use Tweetdeck to participate in more that one at a time.
Popular Twitter Chats
#tlap #DitchBook #DitchHw

More Twitter Chats
Reinvigorate Your Teaching
Once your familiar with using Twitter, it's time to take it to the next level:
Keep on learning! You have a world of experts at your finger tips!
Remember that Twitter is a give and take. Share as much as you can.
Use Twitter in your classroom by sharing the daily happenings in your class
Invite students to tweet about what they are doing in class
Invite parents to follow your classroom twitter account to build community
Share school and district information
Integrate Twitter and Periscope into your lessons in a variety of ways
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