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Connect with Arizona Lutheran Academy

No description

michelle meyer

on 7 November 2018

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Transcript of Connect with Arizona Lutheran Academy

Connect at Arizona Lutheran Academy
Connect with ALA: Get involved!
Connect at ALA: High School Memories!
Connect at ALA: Meet new friends!
Connect at ALA: Unique Environment
Faith-based Community
Connect at ALA: Academic Excellence
Connect at ALA: Extracurriculars
Connect at ALA: Unique Environment
Student Success Coordinator
Meet new friends!
Get to know your teachers outside the classroom!
Make high school memories!
Don't be afraid to get involved or try something new!
Connect at ALA: Academic Excellence
College Prep Curriculum
Complete Application for Enrollment
Scholarship deadline April 1, 2018
Online link - emailed to parents
Next Steps
Attend a Tuition Assistance Workshop
Register at: ALAcoyotes.org/TAW
Spring Events 2018

Class of 2022 Mixer & Course Selection: April 6 (Scholarship Drawing!)

Alternate Course Selection: April 27

Before School Starts: Testing | Boot Camp
Schedule an Admission Interview
Required Forms for Enrollment due at interview
Build character!
Connect at ALA: Extracurriculars
Fine Arts: Choirs
Homework Support Plan/Late List
Get involved! It allows you to connect.
Connect at ALA: Extracurriculars
Connect at ALA: Extracurriculars
Fine Arts: Drama Production
Colleges look for involved students!
Shared Values | Atmosphere of Christian love
Daily religion class
"Like a family"
Prepare for college and your future!
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