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5 Themes Bogota, Colombia

geographic information

camila jaramillo

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of 5 Themes Bogota, Colombia

BY: Camila Jaramillo 5 Themes
Bogota, Colombia Place Things:
Clothing and Footwear Movement Latin America: Language,People,History, Food Region Human Environment Interaction Location Human Characteristics Physical Features Population:
Churches, Monuments and Statues. River:
Bogota River
Humid Tropical:
Which means that the climate is Warm with high amounts of rain every year - round. Describes the
features that
make a site unique How and why people, things and ideas move People:
Taxis, Buses, Cars, Airports, Airplanes. The msot common are the buses, taxis and cars. Ideas:
Halloween (England), Pizza (Italy), Dunkin Donuts (U.S.A), Burger King (U.S.A), Mc.Donalds (U.S.A) Swatch (Switserland), Starbucks (U.S.A), Zara (Spain), Relative:
West of Venezuela, North of Peru Absolute:
85 North longitude
5 West Latitude Areas with same characteristics Describes where something is Environment to human Human to environment Floods,Eatrhqueakes,
Natural Disasters, Burning of Trees Use land to make lots of buildings, Pollution
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