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The Amazing Story of Superman

presentation done by Shania Sinna and Megan LaFond

Shania Sinna

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Amazing Story of Superman

Superman: history

Look up in the Sky
It's a bird, It's a plane!




The creators of Superman

Coming up with the man of steel
The rejections
Detective Comics took a Chance
Action Comics changed a Nation

Superman Radio
Clayton "Bud" Collyer "This is a job for Superman!"
The birth of Kryptonite
Superman merchandise
Superman animations
Black and White films
Introduction of Luther
"Superman and The Mole-Men"
The new Superman George Reeves
Advetures of Superman, lead to new comics
Dr. Fredric Wertham "War on Comic Books"
Product Placement for Superman
May of 1959 and the Death of a Hero
Creating Superman's back story
Writers struggles with the man in the red cape
Nations raise and fall with U.S. candidate
Vietnam War
Batman the new hero
Superman the Musical
Superman was losing support in America
Became a figure of fun
Supermans best years might be behind him
Superman:The Movie
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
nuclar war
Corporate America and Lex Luthor
DC contiued struggled
Superman and Lois Engaged
The death of Superman
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
May 27th, 1995 Christopher Reeve's acccident
He was a true Superman
Smallville Television Show
Superman and 9/11

Since his debut in
'38 the character has
survived all through the
decades of reinvention and
He was the worlds first comic superhero
He is a symbol of strength and moral certainty
He has been in touch with the times and occasionally out of fashion
Challenge our collective notion to be a hero
Greatest fantasy in the World
insert video

Superman: Man of Steel
His remake and remodel
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