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Yorkshire Swine

No description

Quiahnna Burt

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Yorkshire Swine

sus scofa The Yorkshire Pig This specific breed originates from the English town of York. The Origin of the Yorkshire Pig They are known as the "English Large Whites" in England, but everywhere else they are bred refer to them as Yorkshire Swine. Yorkshires in America In 1761, Robert Bakewell became interested in a local tribe of hogs known as the Leicestershire breed. It is very likely that some, if not most of the Yorkshire hogs today came from these hogs. Yorkshires are the most common breed of swine in North America. The highest populated states are in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio. The first pigs of this breed were brought to Ohio around 1830. During World War 1, the Yorkshire swine were not as popular as most farmers would hope for them to be due to their slow growth and short snout. Their popularity boosted when farmers wanted them for their steady breeding, mothering abilities, large litters, length, scale, and frame. organized in 1893 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The office was first in St. Paul, Minnesota, and was moved to Valparaiso, Indiana in 1948. In 1948, the American Yorkshire Club was reorganized and became a membership organization. The American Yorkshire Club Registration Requirements. If registering pig has any of the following characteristics, they are disqualified from registry: Yorkshire Breed Markings and Registration Requirements Less than six teats on a side.
Any hair other than white anywhere on the animal's body.
Total blindness
Hernia or ruptures
One testicle or any pronounced abnormal condition of the testicles
Black spots on the skin. Any large black spots or numerous spots.
Evidence of any dewclaw. Small amounts of black pigmentation is allowed. erect ears
white in color
high porportion of lean meat and low back fat
sound and durable Characteristics of the Yorkshire Pig The Yorkshire swine are used for productivity, yet more for shows and performances. Main Uses Most farmers would like to raise Yorkshires because they are reliable, motherly animals. They can contribute to longevity and carcass merit. http://www.nationalswine.com/Home_pages/Breed_Pages/Yorkshire_Breed_Page.html Works Cited Thanks. (:
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