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Wolf Spiders


Mackenzie B

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Wolf Spiders

The Wolf Spider (Dun Dun Duhhh!!!) Why is it called a Wolf Spider? What does a Wolf Spider look like? Where do Wolf Spiders live? What is the behaviour of a Wolf Spider? How do they hunt and defend themselves? They are commonly called the Wolf Spider because they hunt their prey just like a wolf would. However, their scientific name is Lycosa. They are made up of two segments, and they have eight eyes in three rows across their head. They also have eight very quick legs for darting away from predators.
Females can range in size from 16mm to 3cm, while the males from only 8mm to 2cm. What do they eat? They like to eat beetles, millipedes, cockroaches and lots of other insects. They use their long legs to trap their prey, then inject deadly venom. Most wolf spiders wonder all over Australia. Some common habitats are beaches, grass lands, forests, burrows, woodlands, suburban gardens, and when it gets cold, IN YOUR HOUSE! They can also build burrows to live in when its wet, to deflect the rain water. They love to hunt, of course, and the mother wolf spiders carry the spiderling eggs in egg sacs, and when they are hatched they ride on her back. Hunting comes very easily to wolf spiders, with their excellent eye sight, deadly poison, and cunning techniques. One bite from a wolf spider could kill a cat in less than an hour. But don't worry, they couldn't kill a human. Their bite would hurt, and really tick you off, but that's about its. Adaptations What would happen if, in the year 3000, 5 new planets were created for animals to live on? One of these, planet 3, will be the new home for the wolf spider. But the wolf spider will have to adapt: First of all, this new planet contains snakes. Lots of them. Some specific snakes love to eat spiders. It turns out that some spiders can actually wolf down a whole snake, so the Wolf Spider will have to grow a bit to fit the snake in, and might have to improve the deadliness of it's venom. There are also a huge variety of insects for the wolf spiders to snack on, and as for the big puddles of water covering the ground, the spiders can build burrows to deflect them. However, a poisonous plant lies on the ground, and if the wolf spider touches it, AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH. They are dead. However, if the wolf spider keeps it's excellent eye sight and somehow grows its legs a bit, it will have less chance of being killed. Wolf Spiders will also have to work on their camouflage to get away from other predators. Bibliography Google
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Parts Of A Wolf Spider, eHow MWA HA HA HA HA! yum Oh, I'm so beautiful!
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