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mattress tester

No description

jose mendoza

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of mattress tester

Mattress Tester Javier Resendiz Job Description A mattress tester's job is to test
the mattress ability to satisfy
the user. machines that test beds
may test for mattress life but they
cannot test for the true softness
of a mattress. That's the mattress
testers job Mattress testing
requires no degree.
The only requirement is
the ability to go to REM
at will. The average salary for mattress testers is $47,000. There aren't that many job openings since most people don't realize that mattress testing is a real job. This job interests me very much. Who wouldn't to sleep for money after a hard long night of hardcore gaming or after a long day of grocery shopping. Summary Basically, mattress testers test mattresses and get payed
money to sleep. To be one you just need to be able to
go to sleep. :D this job interests me
since i can sleep while
Who wouldn't want that t
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