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Aztec and Spanish Worldview

This is a presentation for the Worldview of the Spanish and the Aztecs

Michael Bloomquist

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Aztec and Spanish Worldview

Aztec and Spanish Worldview
All the Aztec people behaved to the Emperor with respect and treated him as a god. Children were obedient and also people were obedient to the leader of their clan who controlled their way of life. The Aztec's loved war and would use the slightest excuse to go to war. They would also trick people so they could sacrifice them to their gods.
Aztec Values
The Spanish made Jews and Muslims (in Spain) leave the country if they would not convert to Catholic. They were conquerors and were the deadliest fighting force in Europe. The conquered and ruled many countries and lands. They were controlled many parts of the world.
Spanish Values
Aztec people believed that their gods needed human blood as nourishment or else the gods would die and the world would end. Aztecs strongly believed in fate, that every life was destined to follow a certain path. Aztecs did not fear death. The were always expanding their territory in every direction and became a very dominant race.
Aztec Beliefs
The Spanish were Catholics and believed in the one and only God. They believed that their life on Earth is precious and you have to make the most of it and live in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. They also believed in the afterlife, that their is Heaven and Hell. They also were conquerors and owned a huge part of the world at that time.
Spanish Beliefs
Aztec Knowledge
Aztecs expanded by learning by using their neighbors and learning from them. They also used ingenuity and intelligence. Some of the knowledge of the Aztecs was accepted, the aqueducts were used by lots of people. The Aztecs used the aqueducts to transport huge amounts of water. The engineers and the Emperor had access to knowledge concerning mechanical inventions. While the Emperor had access to all knowledge. Ancestors would get the knowledge because their parents would pass it down and so on and so forth.
Spanish Knowledge
The Spanish expanded their knowledge by getting information from the Bible, priests and the Pope. Catholics accept the knowledge from these people and book. Anyone who goes to a Catholic Church or have a Catholic Bible can access this knowledge. This knowledge is important because a majority of people believe in some type of Christianity. The knowledge would remain with fellow Christians and priests, pastor and the Pope.
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