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Sandra Day O'Connor

This is my prezi\ biography report on retired supreme court justice Sandra Day OConnor

Carly Dustin

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Sandra Day O'Connor

Made By Carly Dustin Earlier Life in the Lazy B Family Goals Education These are some of Sandra Day O'Connor's How Sandra Day O'Connor Grew UP Sandra's close family members Sandra Day O'Connor's motto is to work at work worth doing. This motto helped her achieve all her life goals. One of her main goals she said was that right after she graduated law school she decided that she wanted to be in the supreme court. These are the schools that Sandra Day O'Connor attended Accomplishments Sandra Day O'Connor Sandra Day O'Connor was born March 26, 1930 in El Paso, Texas to Ada Mae Day and Harry Day. At the age of two her small family moved back to their Arizona ranch that they called the Lazy B.
But her picture perfect life changed at the age of four. You see in 1934 The Great Depression reached the Lazy B and Sandra was sent back to El Paso and enrolled in boarding school. Her family includes..... Father: Harry Day
Mother: Ada Mae Day
Grandmother: Mamie Wilkey
Sister: Ann Day
Brother: Alen Day Married: John O'Connor [the 3rd]
1st Son: Scott O'Connor
2nd Son: Brian O'Connor
3rd Son: Jay O'Connor While away in boarding school Sandra's baby sister Ann was born. And only one year after that her baby brother Alen was born. She went to a boarding school for young girls for elementary and Stevenson Middle School for Jr. High. For High School she went to Austin High in El Paso Texas. And for college she attended Stanford University where she majored in law and O'Connor decided to enroll at Stanford University Law School. After she retired justice O'Connor made a website called Icivics.org and she created it for students like us! Here is her commercial for ICivics made to advertize it to teachers. For more info go to http://www.icivics.org/ Challenges There were limited opportunities for female lawyers.- So she tried and tried and tried and finally she found work.
In 1988 she was tested positive for breast cancer.- She was treated early and the cancer went away.
In 2009 her husband passed away from an accident involving a severe case of Alzheimers disease.- At that time she surrounded herself with family and close friends. First woman US Supreme Court justice.
Elected twice for Arizona State senator.
Graduated from Law School. She is still alive Contribution to Society She was the first female Supreme Court Justice and showed women that they can be high officials in important USA businesses. Personality & Character Traits I believe that Sandra Day O'Connor is
Thoughtful Major Historical Events in the USA During her Life Great Depression 1929-1939
World War II 1938-1945
JFK assassinated Nov 22, 1963
Civil rights laws 1964
Neil Armstrong becomes the first man on the moon July 21, 1969
Vietnam War 1962-1973
First woman enters the Supreme Court (Sandra Day O'Connor)
Internet Boom! 1998
Twin Towers knocked down and starts the Iraq & Afghanistan war. 2001
Iraq and Afghanistan war ends. 2011 Time Line of Her Life March 26, 1930- Sandra Day is born.
1938-1939- Sandra's sister Ann is born then her brother Alen,
1950- Sandra Day graduates from Stanford with a degree in law.
1952- Sandra marries John Jay O'Connor III
1958- She gets her first real job working in law.
1957-1962- Has first, second and third sons Scott, Brian & Jay O'Connor.
1969- Elected Arizona state senator.
1981- Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first ever US Supreme Court Justice that is not a male.
2000- Sandra retires from the Court to take care of her husband. (Who's heath was declining fast.)
2006- Sandra creates a website for civics called Icivics. The
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