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Concussion Connect

Spring 2015 Team

Maggie Underdahl

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Concussion Connect

Team Goal
"To examine the problem of concussion from a
multidisciplinary view that includes neuroscience,
clinical assessment, sports engineering, health
informatics, and societal issues."
"A brain injury caused by a blow to the head or violent shaking of the head and body that alters the brain's functions"
Current Assessment Methods
Baseline IMPACT test
King Devick
Key Research Insights
Second Impact Syndrome
Importance of Trainer/Athlete relationship
Differing policies between states/schools
Need for Better Assessment
Target Group
High School Trainers
Concussion Connect
First Semester Investigation
Customer Discovery
Gap in sideline assessment
Interviewed Athletic Trainers
Need an affordable way to objectively evaluate players after a hit
Researched existing concussion apps for iPhones/Androids
Questionnaires, Symptoms Tracker, General Concussion Information

Our goal is to utilize features on a smartphone to objectively evaluate players on the sidelines.
High Schools have less funding than professional and collegiate level sports
Consequently, there is less funding that goes towards trainers and concussion resources
High school players, especially in football, have a higher incidence rate of concussions
Determine a specific target group:
Interviews of High School/Collegiate trainers
Research into statistical data on concussions, educational awareness, etc.
Insights from Interviews
Insight from General Research
Concussion prevalence in high school sports (ie. football)
-Mayo Clinic
Thank you!
Familiarize ourselves with concussion and the current issues surrounding it
Find possible gaps in assessment, prevention, diagnosis, etc.
Strengthen the existing strategies using our knowledge and capabilities
Provide a foundation and framework for future semesters
Semester Goals
Dr. Michelle LaPlaca
Plans for a Smartphone APP
Possible Features
Asana Adams
Jack Giblin
Maggie Underdahl
Matin Malikyar
Megan Hollowell
Anna McAbee
Ahmed Mostafa
Bradley Smith
Symptoms checklist
Scoring system for severity
Eye tracking
Balance Test
Memory Test
Future Milestones
For future semesters
Continuing general research in concussion knowledge
Determining link between which tests assess certain symptoms
Permission to use eye tracking software
Developing the App
Healthcare Professionals feedback
Marketing App to general public
Example App Feature: Checklist
Risk factors
Sensors/Assessment Tools
Spring 2015
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