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No description

kama neff

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of FROZEN

in the early 1940's, one project that captured the attention of Walt Disney was the Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Anderson...

Frozen is an award winning movie with award winning songs ,by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez, winning 37 Oscars, 17 nominations and made $810 million during its time in theaters.The song Let it go wins the best original song at the Oscars in 2014.
Kristen Bell- Anna
Idina Menzel- Elsa
Jonathan Groff- Kristoff
Josh Gad- Olaf
Santino Fontana- Hans
Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck- Directors
The Snow Queen is a story about the strength and endurance of childhood friendship. The adventure of a child ,Gerda, having to rescue her friend Kay from the evil Snow Queen from her frozen palace.
In conclusion, Frozen is a unique movie in the Disney world having no prince to rescue the princess, instead Anna saves Elsa from Hans (evil prince) as an act of true love thawing her frozen heart. In fact the snowman, Olaf, teaches us more about love than any other prince!
"Some people are worth melting for, just maybe not right this second!" - Olaf
By: Kama Neff and Hannah Payne
Walt Disney
Hans Christian Anderson
1. What was FROZEN based off of?

2.How many Oscars did FROZEN win? How many nominations?

3. Do Hannah and Kama loooooove FROZEN?
1. The Snow Queen
2. 37; 17
Drew Taylor.
Work- Frozen after the thaw: Chris Buck, Josh Gad & Other creatives react to the film's success.
Last updated February 3, 2014.
" love thaws" - Elsa
" Love is an open doooooooor!!!" - Anna
Jason Newman.
Work- Oscars 2014'Frozen' track ' Let it go ' Wins best song.
March 2, 2014.
" I could kiss you!!!" - Kristoff
Thank you to all these sources for these amazing pictures. Websites go in order by pictures shown!

1. www.fanpop.com
2. tr.wikiquote.org
3. www.chud.com
4. www.cartoonbrew.com
5. thegospelcoalition.org
6. frozenoverblackballon.tumblr.com/post/81236356352/angleshizuka-frozen-relationships
7. www.smh.com.au
8. www.evenbrite.com
9. blogs.disney.com
10. sojo.net
11. www.hdwallpapers.in
12. galleryhip.com
Idina Menzel originally auditioned for Tangled's Repunzel (not selected) but the audition was saved and she was then selected for Elsa!
a real, live reindeer was brought in to the Disney animation studios to design Sven
Kristen Bell also auditioned for Tangled's Repunzel and did not get selected but was chosen for Anna ( weird coincidence!)
Jenifer Lee is the first woman co-director (director) of a Disney animated movie.... (considering how amazingly good Frozen did you'd say she and Disney should stay in touch)
the character "Prince Hans" is named after the popular and influential Danish fairy-tale poet Hans Christian Anderson
this is the first movie that Jenifer Lee has ever directed..... MIND BLOWING..... frozen is so awesome she's already a pro in our book!
the fairy-tale "The Snow Queen", in which Frozen is based on, is the personal favorite fairy tale story of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark Margethe II.... BET YA' DIDN'T KNOW THAT ONE!
10 Amazing Facts About FROZEN [2013].
No date left besides [2013].
URL- http://moviesofhollywood.com/10-amazing-interesting-movie-facts-about-frozen-2013-disney/.html.
stay with us guys!!!
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